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Our Portfolio users know firsthand the adaptability and flexibility of this DAM. But many people don’t know the power of Server Side Scripting. In this free webinar we’ll demonstrate two versions of the orientation script, which can transform process automation in your workflows:

1. orientation_onjob.js

This Server Side Script applies an item's orientation value (e.g. Landscape, Portrait, or Square) to a desired custom metadata field (e.g. "Orientation").

Script is manually initiated by users on each selected asset via the "Run Scripts" menu within the Portfolio Client interface.

2. orientation_oncataloged.js

While similar to the script above, this script applies an item’s orientation value to a desired custom field during the initial cataloging process.

Script is initiated immediately after an asset is added to Portfolio.

During the initial cataloging process, this Server-Side Script automatically applies an item's orientation value (e.g. Landscape, Portrait, or Square) to a desired custom metadata field (e.g. "Orientation").

Script includes Catalog "Blacklisting" capabilities, so you can exclude the script from running for specific Catalogs.

James Grace, Chris Stevens, and Richard Bamford as they explain how this and other custom scripts enhance Portfolio. 


Server Side Scripting in Portfolio - Webinar 17 September 2020 


With server-side scripting, the possibilities are endless. Want to learn more about it scripting can transform how you use Portfolio?

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james-graceJames Grace has over 15 years of experience consulting on digital asset management and font management workflows. As Senior Systems Engineer at Extensis, James’s specialties include API integration, complex project management, as well as onsite + remote training & presentation.

chris-stevensChris Stevens is one of the Technical Account Managers at Extensis, with over 17 years of experience in product development, project management, and training. Chris has built his career on mastering digital asset management, font management, and GIS technologies. In his free time Chris enjoys documentaries and travel.

richard-bamford2Richard Bamford is Customer Success Director, International Business at Extensis. Richard leads a multi-lingual team working with a network of resellers and technology partners to help support customers across EMEA and Australasia. Before joining Extensis in 2000, Richard worked for Getty Images and has over 25 years of experience in digital content management, automation, print, and publishing. Outside of work, Richard enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and gardening.