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Current version: 3.6.3

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What’s New

Version 3.6.3
  • We have rebuilt the Portfolio Administration application to be completely Flash-free.
  • Portfolio no longer works directly with FADEL Rights Management.
Version 3.6.2
New features
  • We have added new Smart Keyword Engines for Art Style, Art Movement, and Art Subject. These engines return identifying characteristics for images of artworks in your catalog.
    Art Style returns keywords such as Art Deco, Rustic, or Shabby Chic; Art Movement returns keywords such as Classical, Cubism, or Romanticism; and Art Subject returns keywords such as Abstract, Food, or Places.
  • We now support running Portfolio on Windows Server 2019.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Assets - Most Previewed report did not respect the selected date range when viewing the report. (The date range was applied correctly to the exported report.) [PORT-12778]
  • Fixed an issue where changing a search criterion from a field with a pre-defined list of values to a different pre-defined list field would not refresh the list of available values. [PORT-12816]
  • Fixed an issue where cataloging some PDFs could take take a long time. [PORT-12956]
  • Fixed an issue where a Catalog Administrator could not access the Reporting or NetPublish sections of the Admin app. [PORT-13070]
  • Fixed an issue where a custom text block metadata field only had the first 249 characters extracted to the asset’s original file. [PORT-13092]
Version 3.6.1
New features
  • Portfolio now extracts and embeds metadata in JPEG 2000 files.
  • NetPublish allows selecting which fields to display beneath thumbnails.
  • NetPublish allows displaying a “Terms of Service” for your NetPublish site.
  • Preview mode now includes access to the Properties panel, so you can view and modify metadata while viewing the full image.
  • Preview mode allows navigating between all items if none are selected.
  • Updated Tomcat version 8 to version 9 for improved security. [PORT-10514, TS-2621]
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where logging in to Portfolio Admin would raise an error if there was not an active internet connection. Note that this connection check is still performed when the Administrator opens the Licenses page in the Admin application. [PORT-12984]
Version 3.6
New reports
  • Most Downloaded Assets: Shows how many times each asset has been downloaded
  • Most Previewed Assets: Shows how many times each asset has been previewed
  • Deleted Assets: Shows who deleted each asset and when it was deleted
  • Downloads: Shows who downloaded each asset and when
  • Uploads: Shows who uploaded each asset and when
  • File Types: Lists the file types, number of each type, and total size of each type of file in a catalog
  • Search Terms: Shows what terms are used in QuickFind searches in the Web and Desktop clients and NetPublish sites
Smart Keywords
  • Unlimited Smart Keywords included at no charge when you have an Annual Service Agreement.
  • Set Smart Keywords options per “engine” (keyword category).
  • Automatically add Smart Keywords while cataloging assets.
Photoshop Rating
  • This metadata is now displayed as a “star” rating, and for new catalogs it will automatically be embedded in assets.
  • Star Ratings can be edited visually in any view (Web and Desktop clients).
Client improvements
  • Option to show only the assets in a selected folder, and not its subfolders
  • Filter the gallery list by name
  • Mark galleries as favorites and move them to the top of the list
  • Advanced Find with multiple search criteria can be collapsed to show more assets
  • Preview Mode allows you to crop and download a copy of an asset
  • Improvements to “batch” editing properties of multiple items
  • Preview Mode allows you to flag assets
  • Searching a PDF indicates if the search term was not found
Administration improvements
  • “Portfolio” on macOS is now 64-bit (it will not raise a compatibility warning on macOS 10.13.4 and later)
  • Backup notification includes the relevant computer name
  • Added the ability to test a connection to an external Media Engine
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where an asset’s Bit Depth field is not populated even though the metadata exists in the original file. [PORT-4588]
  • Fixed an issue where a NetPublish Usage report results in an error if there are no NetPublish sites. [PORT-6928]
  • Fixed an issue where the NetPublish Site Builder would not open if the summary page for a previously-published site is open. [PORT-9171]
  • Fixed an issue where a resized Property field would revert to the default size after previewing an item or logging out. [PORT-9638]
  • Fixed an issue where the Folders panel in the Web client would sometimes not resize correctly. [PORT-10859]
  • Fixed an issue where editing a custom field definition would result in an embedding warning. [PORT-10928]
  • Fixed an issue where an error is raised when adding a duplicate child keyword in a predefined keyword list. [PORT-11038]
  • Fixed an error where searching a PDF for a non-existent word would never end. [PORT-11700]
Version 3.5.1
  • Bug fixes.
Version 3.5
New features:
  • Field list presets: Create lists of fields used for common tasks or specific roles
  • Video conversion in Batch Process: Create presets for common conversions to specific formats and sizes
  • Import and export metadata
  • Improved NetPublish site creation
  • Search and navigate cataloged PDFs
  • Extract Font Sense metadata from supported documents
  • Improved bulk metadata editing
  • Relative date searches in Advanced Find
  • Use up to 10 search criteria in Advanced Find and Smart Galleries
  • Custom Access Levels
  • Specify file types allowed in a catalog
  • Specify multiple sources for extracted custom metadata
  • Specify target for embedded custom metadata
  • Easily request and import SSL certificates
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where embedding metadata in a file would change the creation date of the file. [PORT-4878, TS-2265]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading or reinstalling Portfolio would reset modified log file locations to the default. [PORT-7640]
  • Fixed an issue downloading originals using the REST API. [PORT-8233]
  • Fixed an issue where the Portfolio API HTTP File Upload method failed due to an improper CORSFilter. [PORT-8663]
  • Fixed an issue where Batch Convert would resize Camera Raw images to 25% instead of 50%. [PORT-9017]
  • Fixed an issue where NetPublish SSL certificates were not included in a backup. [PORT-9114, TS-2422]
  • Fixed an issue where batch deleting keywords from multiple assets was treated as case-sensitive. [PORT-9138]
  • Fixed an issue where the installer for macOS did not install the update-paths script. [PORT-10278, TS-2476]
  • Fixed an issue where getting a user via the API would ignore the requested attributes and return all attributes. [PORT-10436]
  • Fixed an issue where a Restore would fail at the end of the restore process when the backup location did not exist. [PORT-10529]
  • Fixed an issue where the backup location could not be changed if it was invalid. [PORT-10578]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio running on Windows Server 2016 could not detect changes in watched folders shared via SMB from macOS High Sierra. [PORT-10639]
  • Fixed an issue where Portfolio running on macOS High Sierra would use a lot of processor cycles to watch a large number of watch folders. [PORT-10754]
  • Fixed an issue where timestamps in embedded metadata were off by seven hours. [PORT-10881]
  • Fixed an issue where sorting assets by Item ID would cause Batch Convert, Make PDF, and other actions to fail. [PORT-10887]
Version 3.0.4
  • Compatibility update for the Smart Keywords module.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 3.0.3
  • Bug fixes.
Version 3.0.2
  • Added the ability to page through PDF files in Preview.
  • Added the ability to regenerate thumbnails.
  • Added the ability to apply a custom preview to an asset.
  • Added the ability to batch Delete All text from a Text Block field in multiple selected assets.
  • Added the ability to use the arrow keys to navigate between assets in Portfolio Web.
  • Added a message showing what items were excluded during an import.
  • Added the ability to click on a keyword tag in an asset’s properties to perform a QuickFind for all assets with that keyword.
  • Added Single Sign-On to Portfolio Web.
  • The Status panel of Portfolio Administration will now display the reason if the Portfolio server fails to start.
  • The Windows installer now adds a shortcut to Portfolio Administration to the desktop.
  • Hovering over a field in the Grid view of the Desktop Client and Portfolio Web will display the entire contents of the field.
  • Fixed an issue where QuickFind would fail when the search string included a hyphen. [PORT-6863]
  • Fixed an issue where the built-in Media Engine could run out of memory. [PORT-7838]
  • Updated MuPDF to version 1.11. [PORT-8240]
  • Fixed an issue where entering content in a pre-defined list could move the cursor to the end of the editing field. [PORT-8572]
  • Fixed an issue where you could not delete multi-value decimal values that did not include a decimal point. [PORT-8936]
  • Fixed an issue where predictive search results for NetPublish sites was displaying light-colored text on a light-colored background. [PORT-9056]
  • Fixed an issue where the asset ID was not displayed in a PDF. [PORT-9291]
  • Fixed an issue where a multi-value field would not display a zero value in Portfolio Web. [PORT-9321]
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to remove a keyword from multiple assets treated the target keyword as case-sensitive. [PORT-9473]
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the contents of the QuickFind field would not clear the search results. [PORT-9658]
  • Fixed an issue where the “Copy Link” feature in NetPublish sites stopped working in recent browser releases. [PORT-9693]
  • Fixed an issue where the Desktop Client could not add watch folders by browsing a UNC path. [PORT-9706]
  • Fixed an issue where users could not copy asset property text from a NetPublish site. [PORT-9738]
  • Fixed an issue where the Desktop Client was not remembering the window size. [PORT-9757]
  • Fixed an issue where Advanced Search results would not reset to a non-scrolled position after performing multiple searches. [PORT-9814]
  • Fixed an issue where a user with the Access Level of Editor could not use Smart Keywords when given the permission to do so. [PORT-9876]
  • Fixed an issue where filename case was considered when checking a file back in. [PORT-9897]
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where the Desktop Client would move files from a watch folder instead of copying them if it was installed on the same system as the watch folder. [PORT-9900]
  • Fixed an issue where users could not preview assets on a NetPublish site using Internet Explorer 11. [PORT-9933]
  • Fixed an issue where keywords were not displayed in alphabetical order in NetPublish sites. [PORT-9951]
  • Fixed an issue where an AutoSync folder would not be accessible if one of its subfolders is not accessible. [PORT-10001]
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a backup would fail if the exact path for the original backup does not exist on the restore system. [PORT-10087]
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where Portfolio was not generating previews or thumbnails for SVG files. [PORT-10112]
  • Fixed an issue where a zero entry in a multi-value field could not be deleted using Portfolio Web. [PORT-10122]
  • Fixed an issue where entering a single value of zero in a multi-value field was not retained. [PORT-10123]
  • Fixed an issue where choosing 0 from a pre-defined list for a single-value field would display nothing. [PORT-10141]
Version 3.0.0

Portfolio 2017 includes the following enhancements:

Desktop client with drag and drop

Conveniently drag and drop files between Portfolio and your creative apps, folders, and desktop.

Rights Management

Quickly understand the usage rights associated with your assets, remove workflow bottlenecks, and prevent copyright violations with the FADEL Rights Cloud™ Connector for Portfolio.

Infinite Scroll

No more clicking through hundreds of pages of assets in your main window. Now you can smoothly scroll through your entire asset collection to find what you’re looking for.

Advanced Smart Keywords Control

Save time and improve asset discovery by automatically associating keywords to images with enhanced Smart Keywords functionality:

  • Select from specialized category engines including food, travel, wedding, “Not Safe for Work,” and celebrities.
  • Enable Smart Keywords per catalog.
  • Choose to add keywords from multiple languages.
  • Adjust the desired confidence level and number of results returned. A higher-set confidence level will deliver fewer but more relevant keywords.
Advanced File Compression plus Powerful Zoom Technology

Compress a raw image to 1/20 of its size with no noticeable change to the human eye. True lossless compression, which reduces files size by an average of 30%, is also supported. Powerful zoom and dynamic panning technology lets you see the fine details of your high-resolution assets, even in preview mode!

Geo-Referencing and Map View

Get more powerful insight about physical assets—from their related digital assets with GPS metadata—by tracking their location and seeing them pinpointed on a world map.

Portfolio Clients

There are three clients available for users to access Portfolio catalogs.

To access Portfolio from any client, you will need to know the Portfolio server’s address and your Portfolio account username and password.

HTML5 Web Client

Provides fast access and infinite scrolling, displays photo and GIS assets in Map view, runs in modern browsers.

To access: http://<serveraddress>:8090, where <serveraddress> is the network name or IP address of your Portfolio server.

Help is available through the application and here.

Classic Web Client

Performs video conversion (with Media Engine license), allows copying & moving assets between catalogs, import and export metadata, export assets from Vault; requires Adobe Flash.

To access: http://<serveraddress>:8090/classic, where <serveraddress> is the network name or IP address of your Portfolio server.

Help is available through the application and here.

Desktop Client

Stand-alone application that provides drag and drop access to assets and all features of HTML5 Web Client.

To access: By default, the application is installed in your system’s Applications folder; launch it and enter the server address (http://<serveraddress>:8090) and your login information.

Help is available through the application and here.