All-in-one SID viewer with impressive file compression

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View, decompress and make basic image adjustments to SID files using SquishPic. You can also try using our compression technology so large image files can be more easily archived, managed, distributed, and shared.


View, decompress and make basic adjustments to SID files today!


Instantly view and edit very large imagery without sacrificing quality

Squish large files up to 1/20th of their size with no noticeable change to the human eye, and still be able to zoom in and see the fine details of your high-resolution assets, even in preview mode.

Use SquishPic to decompress SID files to other formats

SquishPic gives you the flexibility to decompress SID files into other file types like JPG, PNG, and TIF.

Easily view and manipulate large imagery

Viewing SID files with SquishPic is quick and easy and also supports image editing so you can adjust SID files without having to decompress them or open them in other applications.

Compress what you need when you need it

Our flexible Compression Plans means you only buy what you need to squish. Viewing is free.

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View, decompress and make basic adjustments to SID files today!

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