Save valuable production time with SquishPic, a standalone application for viewing MrSID, JPG, PNG, and TIFF files. SquishPic provides essential editing functionality such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue for MrSID files. It also includes autocorrect, cropping, and rotation capabilities.

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Do you need to view SID files?

Use our free version of SquishPic to view, decompress, and make basic adjustments to SID files.

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SquishPic’s Industry Leading Compression Technology

Our licensed version of SquishPic has even more power — you get all the features of our free version as well as the ability to quickly create visually lossless, highly compressed images that you can easily share with teams, stakeholders, customers, and others outside your production workflow. The proprietary compression technology powering SquishPic can shrink files up to one-twentieth of their size with no perceptible change to the human eye. After compression, you can still zoom in and see the fine details of your high-resolution assets, even in preview mode.

Why to Use SquishPic in Your Workflow

Use SquishPic to convert SID files to other formats
SquishPic gives you the flexibility to decompress SID files and convert to other file types such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.
Easily view and manipulate large imagery

Quickly view and edit MrSID files, adjust brightness and contrast, without the need to decompress your images for editing in other applications.

Compress what you need, when you need it
Use our flexible compression data plans to reduce storage and bandwidth costs by reducing your large imagery into the SID format.