GeoViewer Pro is a standalone, multipurpose geographic information system (GIS) image viewer that enables you to work with a variety of file types. You can display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, and vector overlays all with one powerful tool.

This GIS data viewer enables you to customize display settings, connect to online basemaps, combine local data with WMS and JPIP sources, export imagery, save projects, and enjoy advanced display options like dynamic range adjustments.

Customize, Explore, Connect, and Share

Tweak settings by layer to ensure that each image displays exactly how you want. Select image bands for multispectral images, adjust dynamic range setting for 16-bit images, and more.

Explore LiDAR point clouds: LAS, LAZ, and MrSID Gen 4 (MG4) point clouds in 3-D mode or 2-D mode. You can select color gradients to customize your LiDAR experience and visualize elevation changes. Connect to WMS and JPIP servers. Browse images and display on the same map. Create a new image from layers and export the area you’ve selected. Or export an entire map. You can even customize your image output size and resolution.

LizardTech is now Extensis

This GIS image viewer is the most current version of the program formerly known as LizardTech GeoViewer, which we are continually improving to meet your needs.

Take Your Work Anywhere

You can use GeoViewer Pro on the go with your mobile device. View, pan, and zoom high-resolution imagery easily. Open layers, measure distances, plot GPS points, and take advantage of other available tools. Get the app through the Apple Store or Google Play

Do More With GeoViewer Pro

GeoViewer Pro offers advanced features for greater precision and enhanced analysis.Take advantage of superior projection and printing options, the ability to create image tiles during export, and more.



View raster, vector WMS, and LiDAR imagery
Customize display settings
Connect to WMS and JPIP
Export imagery
Connect to online basemaps
Display images in their native projection
Change map projections to additional supported projections
Print images or portions of images that you specify
Display area of shapes that you draw on the map
Create image tiles when you export images
Search for a location using address information