All-in-one Viewer for MrSID Imagery and More

See It When You Need It

Display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, vector overlays, and more geospatial file formats with this feature-packed GIS viewer.

Connect to online basemaps, combine local data with WMS and JPIP sources, export imagery, save projects, and enjoy advanced display options like dynamic range adjustments.

Advanced features available with GeoViewer Pro, deliver more enterprise GIS functionality without the enterprise price tag, including support for printing, additional projection systems, and advanced area measurement tools.

See It When You Need It

The Fastest Way to View MrSID Imagery and More

Display and explore raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, and vector overlays in one standalone application.

Designed for Geospatial Imagery

Display raster, vector, LiDAR, WMS, and JPIP layers and get extensive support for the industry standard MrSID format and the ISO standard JPEG 2000 format.

Customize Display Settings

Tweak settings by layer to ensure that each image displays exactly the way you want. Select image bands for multispectral images, adjust dynamic range setting for 16-bit images, and more.

Explore LiDAR Point Clouds

Explore LAS, LAZ and MrSID Gen 4 (MG4) point clouds in 3-D mode or view a rasterized version in 2-D mode. Select color gradients to customize your LiDAR experience and visualize elevation changes.

Connect to WMS and JPIP

Connect to a WMS server and browse image catalogs from a simple interface and display on the same map. Easily browse JPIP layers by connecting to an ExpressServer or select from a list of frequently accessed images on another JPIP server.

Export Your Images

Create an image from the layers you have added to GeoViewer and export the area you’ve selected or an entire map. You can also customize your image output size and resolution.

Go Mobile

View high-resolution imagery on-the-go on your mobile device. View, pan, and zoom images easily. Open layers, measure distances, plot GPS points, and take advantage of other available tools. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Add Printing, Measurement Tools, and Projection Systems with GeoViewer Pro

Get advanced GIS functionality when you purchase GeoViewer Pro

Powerful Printing Support

Print the layers that you open in GeoViewer Pro, including vector layers and rasterized versions of LiDAR data.

Advanced Measurement Tools

Measure areas that you draw on the map and search for locations using addressing information.

More Projection Systems

Change your map's projects to more supported projections. By default, you can only view a layer in the native projection of the layer, in WGS 84, or in Web Mercator.


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