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WEBINAR: Integrating Collections

Management Systems with DAMS

Learn How Museums Can Manage Digital Collections Systems Holistically


DATE: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020

TIME: 2 p.m. GMT // 3 p.m. CET // 9 a.m. EST



Cultural institutions like museums, galleries, libraries, and archives are already using modern systems to help manage the physical objects in their collections. These Collection Management Systems are designed to manage information about these important objects. But CMS’s fall short when it comes to managing the digital images of the objects.  

A Digital Asset Management System can fill this gap — and museums today are finding ways to integrate DAMS with CMS’s to create a more holistic ecosystem.

In this webinar, hear real-world success stories from Richard Bamford (from Extensis) and Rob Tice (from Knowledge Integration), and discover synergies that can emerge when DAMS and CMS work together. 

You’ll come away with a plan of action for cultural organisations to simplify and facilitate digitisation workflows, expedite communication between departments and ultimately increase the value of your collection.

Join us and find out more about:

  • Achieving wins by integrating DAMS and CMS
  • Best practices for integration
  • Metadata synchronization between DAMS and CMS
  • Checklist of resources and skills for a successful integration


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About the presenters:

Blog_RichardRichard Bamford – Customer Success Director @ Extensis

@GoodITCitizen | Click here to connect with Richard on LinkedIn

After graduating in design and marketing a little over 25 years ago, Richard’s interest in technology was sparked off by the introduction of computers in DTP (DeskTop Publishing).  Today Richard’s role at Extensis is to head up the Extensis Customer Success team outside of the Americas, and is based in the Extensis office in Northampton, UK. Richard and his colleagues spend their time providing multi-lingual pre and post-sales technical support, sales and training, working with a large network of partners across EMEA. When he’s not travelling or on-site with clients Richard enjoys photography, looking after his chickens, walking his dog Finton and a passion for Italian food.


Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 2.54.13 PMRob Tice – Director @ Knowledge Integrations

Knowledge Integration | Click here to connect with Rob on LinkedIn

Rob is the Product Manager and Technical Architect for Knowledge Integrations CIIM and Lexaurus products. He works mostly on collections, data and thesaurus projects. In his spare time, Rob enjoys music, gigs, record collecting and hi-fi and yes, his LPs are all catalogued and stored alphabetically and by genre.



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