It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Extensis!

December 20, 2019
1 min read

To celebrate the ongoing evolution of Extensis, we wanted to do something special. Something out of the ordinary. Something that would show our customers, fans, and colleagues just how far we’re willing to go to invent amazing.

A few ideas were passed around. An email campaign? Maybe a series of social media posts? How about a really thoughtful blog post? All of these ideas were considered, but they lacked a certain something. A sense of danger, of really going above and beyond — and a willingness to do the unexpected to catch the eye of our audience.

That’s when Dave Roberts, community engagement program manager, stepped up with a brave, bold concept: Throwing himself from a plane in flight. Fortunately, we got the whole thing on video — we invite you to have a look.