What's New with Suitcase Fusion

Tara Storozynsky
November 18, 2019
1 min read

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

First things first — this version provides full support for Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 applications. Adobe announced new versions of these apps on Nov. X. For all you Adobe users, don’t worry. As you explore the new features and functionalities of Creative Cloud 2020, Suitcase Fusion offers auto-activation for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, and After Effects.



This version of Suitcase Fusion (v21) also marks the beginning of our partnership with Sketch — the web design toolkit that empowers webpage and user interface creation. Font management challenges can slow down web designers, too, so Suitcase Fusion now makes it easy for Sketch users to do more with their fonts.

You can use the Suitcase Fusion plugin to utilize auto-activation, track fonts in documents, and collect fonts for output. You can share fonts with your team. Suitcase Fusion can also solve conflicts caused by multiple fonts with the same name and eliminate font errors when you open a document.



Last but not least, this update enables document tracking with Affinity products — Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher. For these apps, Suitcase Fusion provides drag-and-drop support instead of plugins. Simply drag and drop an Affinity file on top of Suitcase Fusion to activate document fonts and enable font tracking. Once you’ve done this, any font errors will be resolved when you open a document, and you can also collect fonts for output. 


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Thanks for checking out what’s new with Suitcase Fusion! Stay tuned, there are more exciting updates to come.