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The True Value of Suitcase Fusion

March 25, 2020

Here at Extensis, we make a lot of cool software products with the goal of making our customers’ lives easier, less chaotic, and more creative. We launched our first font management tool in 1992, and we’ve never stopped working to improve it.

Creativity is a life-long pursuit, and no one understands this better than designers. The tools of your trade need to be flexible and constantly evolving. Otherwise, they won’t be able to keep up as you push your limits and reach new possibilities. Suitcase Fusion is a font management tool that you can rely on for your whole career — as you start your career, grow your business,  hone your skills over time, and continue to create your best work.

With the better part of three decades of expertise in this area, we’re not slowing down. A few months ago, we switched from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. Subscriptions are not just a billing and delivery method.  They serve to keep companies accountable, effective, and dedicated to the success of their customers. We are dedicated to keep improving the value of Suitcase Fusion, so you can continue to use it without interruption for years to come.

Subscription allows us to release major updates in a timely manner. Instead of withholding updates to culminate in a major release, we’re able to roll out updates as soon as they’re ready. We can also ensure compatibility with creative applications as they update their software, like Sketch and Adobe Creative Cloud.

We know that as design trends and demands evolve, our customers are exploring new tools to create their work. We added support for Sketch and Affinity design products, and we can’t wait to expand our partnerships to help support fonts in all the creative applications you use.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll listen. Feel free to submit feature requests to or through the support contact form. Your feedback means everything to us, and we consider each and every request. We recently sent a survey to our customers asking how we could make Suitcase Fusion better. Many of you requested that we revive the font list view, so that fonts can be easily compared. We heard you, and we’ working to bring it back soon — bigger and better than before.

We also pay attention to what’s going on in the design industry at large. Our goal is to provide information that supports you in preparing for upcoming changes, embracing new design trends, and learning more about fascinating typography projects.

Check out these resources:

So, go ahead and get inspired. Pursue your vision and create the design you want to see in the world — now and for the future. We’ll be with you every step of the way.