Suitcase Fusion - My Type of Subscription

Jamie Phillips
October 30, 2019
1 min read

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Seamless updates and more predictable billing for your favorite font manager

Extensis is excited to announce that starting soon, we’ll be offering Suitcase Fusion, our industry-leading font management tool, as a subscription.

As a creative professional you know this solves a taxing compatibility problem.

Technology partners like Adobe have pivoted to subscriptions, rolling out continuous improvements. The beauty and true value of Suitcase Fusion is how well it plays with others. Our tool transforms your flow when you’re working in design programs so that you can create without interruption.

In the past, we would respond to our technology partners’ new releases by launching a new version of our product to maintain compatibility. This meant that just as you would be getting acquainted with your favorite design program’s exciting new capabilities, you would be forced to make a purchasing choice to keep Suitcase Fusion compatible with the new design software releases.

Our product is designed to support your uninterrupted, seamless workflow. But the delivery mechanism in and of itself here was the total opposite. Dare we say, getting out your credit card and making an unexpected purchase is an even worse distraction from the project-at-hand than an errant font!


We asked ourselves, “Is this really the most effective way to serve our customers?”

We thought long and hard and realized that this legacy model of software delivery was no longer sufficient. The answer was to offer Suitcase Fusion as a subscription service.

You may have noticed a wide range of other software providers switching to subscription. There’s a reason for this — it allows companies to give their customers access to the most recent, most powerful iteration of the software, without interruption.

Integrations can be updated and delivered nearly instantly. New features will debut without delay. We will be able to listen and respond to your concerns, ideas, and needs more effectively. As a Suitcase Fusion subscriber, you can expect more consistent integration, earlier access to new features, and hassle-free updates.

You’ll also benefit from more predictable billing. No more surprise software version releases with price tags attached. Your Suitcase Fusion subscription will allow you to foresee exactly when your card will be charged for renewal, and the exact cost — so you can plan accordingly.

We know it might seem like a big change, but we honestly can’t think of a better way to support the creative professionals who use our tools every day. We’re so excited for this next chapter of Suitcase Fusion — where we can provide you with greater value, every day.