Extensis: New Look, Same Reliable Expertise

Toby Martin
October 21, 2019
2 min read

At Extensis, we take great pride in being one of the pioneers in providing thoughtful solutions to the needs and challenges of creative professionals. Our products are relied on by individuals, teams, and companies across a wide range of fields, united by our goal: to streamline the connection between people and their digital assets.

We’ve had significant successes over the years, but one thing we’ve learned is that victory is often fleeting. “What have we done for our customers lately?” is a common unspoken refrain, and it’s a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis. And every day we work hard to help our customers do their best work, faster.

In the spirit of progress, and to raise a flag to our future, we’re delighted to share with you some updates to our brand — our logo, the visual language of our website, and the words we use to speak about ourselves, our customers, and the value of our products and solutions.

You may have already noticed the changes to our website, but that’s just the beginning. The effort to overhaul our site is emblematic of a larger evolution taking place within Extensis. We’re not simply sprucing up our look and feel, we’re reimagining every touchpoint to more clearly portray our values as a company dedicated to the ongoing success of its customers.

We want you to recognize Extensis as a dedicated and dependable partner in solving your font management and digital asset management issues, no matter what form those problems may take. If you’re reading our site, using our products, or working with one of our dedicated team members, we want you to learn, we want you to enjoy yourself, and we want you to feel as if your problems are actually our problems — problems we can solve together.

Our ideals are represented by a deceptively simple new logo: a flattened triple square representing layered metadata — the very same critical metadata that helps empower all of our clients’ most important assets. We believe our new logo conveys an innovative spirit, a drive to improve our customers’ lives, and the sort of confidence you’d expect from a company with our extensive pedigree.

As you read this blog post and explore the rest of our website, we hope you recognize that more than anything, Extensis is dedicated to your success. We don’t succeed until you succeed, and with that in mind, we’ve boiled down our ultimate goals to three simple pillars.

First, we aim to help you get more from your digital assets, fonts, and images. Next, we hope to accelerate your workflow and increase your return on investment. Finally, we strive to make your team’s work look good and perform even better. And throughout all of this, we will provide exceptional customer service and technical support for any outstanding issues you may encounter.

Whether you’re a GIS professional who has spent years working with GeoExpress, a typographic power user who relies on Suitcase Fusion, or a digital asset neophyte coming to grips with Portfolio, we want your experience to be enjoyable and inspiring — and ultimately, one that empowers and improves the effectiveness of your workflow.

Thanks for joining us. Together, we can invent amazing.