Bringing Workflow into the Digital Asset Management Space

corbit_logo_cyanOur Partnership with Laidback

As we embark upon this new and strategic partnership with our friends from Laidback Solutions, I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why we chose to collaborate with Laidback specifically.


We are very happy to welcome our new friends into the Digital Asset Management ecosystem as key providers of the most consequential new capability we’ve added in a long time: Portfolio Automated Workflow powered by Corbit.

We often have to decide whether we should buy, write our own code, or create a partnership to seize a good opportunity that may serve the needs of the DAM community. For this particular situation, we decided a partnership would not only benefit the DAM community, but the way organizations (including our own) think about and utilize workflow.


Why did we partner with Laidback?

1. Working together is easy as well as inspiring

We value the people we work with as much as the technologies they represent. Laidback’s founders, Pär Andersson and Joakim Lundberg, and all of their colleagues have proven to be top-notch people and partners. They not only share ground-breaking ideas, but many of the same core values as Extensis. This makes working together easy and inspiring.

2. Corbit is a perfect fit

Corbit is built to work within and between systems, which allows it to work seamlessly within our own technology ecosystem and connect it with others. Not only does this let us slip Corbit into our customers’ environments with little effort, it lets users focus on what they want to do instead of how to do it. Its tech-stack is also complementary to what organizations need today and will need in the future, making it a reliable partner going forward.

3. Great minds

When we first started sharing our vision with Laidback, it felt like we were in sync. We were easily able to share ideas and run with them. It’s rare to find a “meeting of the minds” that has such boundless, collaborative results.

4. We could have built this ourselves, but…

Workflow has been a constant theme in our backlog for some time, and while we’ve been making progress with things like our API and server-side scripting, this was an opportunity to get closer to our workflow goals. We were able to jump about five steps forward by partnering with an organization that is a pioneer in workflow. When people wander outside of their area of expertise, they often build the wrong thing for the right idea – the intentions are good, but it might not be the best way to achieve a goal. The Laidback team has always had a broad vision in mind and so have we. The alignment has provided both organizations with ways of extending our capabilities beyond doing so alone. They led us on the right track from day one.


By utilizing Laidback, we were able to focus on facilitating various types of workflow. We are starting day one with helping organizations build workflows to automate metadata tagging, file renaming, archiving, converting files to different sizes, and sharing them with all designated parties. (If it’s that robust at day one, who knows where we’ll be in a year or two? We certainly don’t know, but we look forward to the ride!)

5. The stars are aligned

Besides a stellar application and places where we can augment our solutions, the future we intend to build with Laidback fits perfectly. I don’t want to give it all away, but when we start seeing other places where Corbit and Portfolio can connect, it will be easy for us to build new and integrated workflows that we can quickly provide to our asset management community. Yes, community– we intend to build one based on workflows and automation where we can share and change how DAM improvements make it from idea generation to final product.

By aligning our organizations together to provide automation and best practices around digital asset management, we’ve cemented our vision of doing more, better, and with the best resources in the industry. All of this was never possible until we found the right partner who shares our philosophies around automation. So, we would like to “welcome” Laidback, and all of you who will watch us change the DAM market one process at a time!


Work smarter. Not harder. Learn more about how to use Portfolio Workflow Automation to make your digital asset management processes easier.


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