5 Ways to Be a Great Brand Manager

July 7, 2017

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a brand management superstar? Here are some tips and tricks to help you streamline your workflow like a boss.

1. Set the stage by establishing a brand management process.

Brand Management objectives vary from business to business, but Brand Manager superstardom all starts the same way- with a fluid process. If you don’t have a method in place, it’s never too late to get one started. Here is a process that we like to use:

  • Identify and establish your brand identity
  • Strategize
  • Position
  • Communicate
  • Grow and build your brand
  • Monitor and make adjustments to the process as needed

Build each of these steps and evaluate them periodically. You may decide to analyze them during every campaign or product launch to ensure marketing and sales activities supports the brand identity.

2. Get organized. Gain control of your brand’s assets.

It can be a challenge to adhere to strict brand/style guidelines. Searching for lost or missing assets can also be a struggle—and a huge waste of time! Designers often have to recreate or purchase new assets instead of repurposing. Assets can be spread all over a shared drive, hard drive, or in your content management system. A good DAM system allows internal and external stakeholders to easily find and use assets.

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3. Be the brand expert.

What makes you a thought leader in your industry? What makes your brand stand out? Do you communicate these messages to your target audience and customer base through compelling content? If not, research your competitors and see how they might be different from your product or service. Determine how you can differentiate yourself in your market space and start writing about it. Compelling content educates prospective customers, establishes your brand, and turns leads into customers.

4. Communicate. Educate.

Does your organization understand the brand identity and its goal? Top Brand Managers make sure that everyone in the company from Customer Support to Engineering have a deep understanding of the brand, ongoing campaigns, and long-term objectives. Educating your organization will empower stakeholders to contribute to the brand’s goals and drive towards them. The more your organization knows, the more your brand will be supported.

5. Start eating your own dog food.

No, not literally. Start using your own software or products. How can you truly understand or establish your brand’s identity without firsthand experience? Utilizing your organization’s products helps you create content, make suggestions, understand your customer base, and provide deeper insight into what makes your product or service unique.

Learn how five brand champions use digital asset management and font management to be outstanding. Get the eBook Brands That Stand Out.