Current version: 7.0.6

System Requirements are here.

Installing Universal Type Server

NOTE: A one-time Internet connection is required to activate Universal Type Server. See this article.

To install Universal Type Server, double click the installer icon and allow the installer to guide you.

After the installer finishes, the Server Administration application automatically opens in your default browser. Use this interface to begin configuring your Universal Type Server installation to best meet your needs.

For complete installation and configuration details, see the Server Administration Help system.

Upgrade all of your Universal Type Clients when possible. Version 6.1.7 clients can connect to Universal Type Server 7, so Type Clients can be upgraded when it is convenient.

What’s New

Version 7.0.6
  • Type Server: We added support for PostgreSQL as an external database.
    NOTE: Support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL has been discontinued. While we support these external databases in the current release of Universal Type Server, they will be dropped in a future release.
  • Type Client: We added a confirmation dialog when deleting a user-created font attribute.
  • We fixed an issue where you could not remove a Purchase, Expiration, or Renewal date from a font license. [UTS-9816]
  • We fixed an issue where a Backup or Move Vault operation appeared to succeed even though the vault does not exist (for instance, if the vault had been manually moved, renamed, or deleted). [UTS-9826]
  • We fixed an issue where the Reports page would not load if the HTTP Web Service port value has been changed to 80, or the HTTPS Web Service port value has been changed to 443. [UTS-9836]
Universal Type Client 7.0.5 (Mac)

Fixed an issue where Photoshop CC 2020 v21.1 would crash on quitting with the Extensis auto-activation plug-in installed. [FS-7173]

Universal Type Client 7.0.4
  • Type Client support for macOS Catalina.
  • Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 releases of After Effects, Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • Extensis Font Panel for Adobe CC 2020 releases of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • Auto-activation plug-in for Sketch.
Universal Type Server 7.0.3
  • The Windows Core Client now enforces the System Font Policy.
  • Universal Type Client includes in-app messaging to provide important product information.
  • We have added set creation and activation capability to the Adobe Fonts library.
  • We have added an auto-activation plug-in for QuarkXPress 2019.
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where having the System Font Policy move fonts to the user’s desktop would leave empty folders inside the Type Client folder. [UTS-9619]
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-activation plug-in for Adobe Illustrator conflicted with plug-ins used by Esko applications. [UTS-9633]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading from Universal Type Server 6 might cause some workgroups do not be displayed in the Type Server 7 Management app. [UTS-9647]
Universal Type Server 7.0.2
  • Universal Type Client and Core Client are now completely 64-bit.
  • Universal Type Server no longer requires serial numbers for licensing the server and components; instead, you enter the Extensis account credentials (email address and password) of the software’s License Administrator.
  • Universal Type Server includes in-app messaging to provide important product information to the Server Administrator.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Photoshop CC2018 or CC2019 document containing fonts that should be able to be automatically activated resulted in several warning messages. [TS-2697]
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a Universal Type Server 6 backup to a Type Server 7 installation did not include workgroups from the backup. [TS-2707]
  • Fixed an issue where you could not create a Shared Set for certain custom roles that were initially created by modifying a role in Universal Type Server 6. [UTS-9508]
  • Fixed an issue where the Font Compliance Status filter in the Fonts tab of the Management app did not correctly list fonts that were “Out of Compliance”. [UTS-9528]
Universal Type Server 7.0.1
  • Font Usage by User report: This new report provides administrators with a snapshot of a user’s current font usage.
  • Performance: Improved performance when deleting a large number of users or workgroups.
  • Fixed an issue where System Font Policy would not remove fonts from client systems running recent versions of Windows 10. [UTS-5776]
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar would not move when changing license assignments. [UTS-9272]
  • Fixed an issue where the Type Client plugin manager would not display installed plugins on macOS Mojave. [UTS-9277]
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-activation plugins for Adobe After Effects and Illustrator would be disabled when Universal Type Client was disconnected from the server, but would not be re-enabled when the Type Client reconnected with the server. [UTS-9335]
  • Fixed an issue where using Universal Type Client offline would result in the auto-activation plugin for Adobe After Effects claiming that all fonts in the document were out of compliance. [UTS-9345]
Universal Type Server 7.0.0
  • Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe CC 2019.
  • The Management application (for managing users and workgroups) no longer uses Adobe Flash. It has a new, friendly interface with many security and workflow improvements.
  • Improved security between Universal Type Client and Universal Type Server.
  • When upgrading to Universal Type Server 7, user accounts that were mapped through an Open Directory service are converted to native accounts. See this article.
  • Fixed an issue where LDAP users with a Workgroup Administrator role could not log in to the (User) Management application. [UTS-7632]
  • Fixed an issue where Macintosh Type Clients and Core Clients configured with Single Sign-On could not reconnect after restarting the computer. [UTS-5784, UTS-8587]
  • The System Font Policy now lists all required system fonts for supported versions of macOS and Windows. [UTS-8615, UTS-8735]
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Type Client did not accurately show the replication status. [UTS-8701]
  • Fixed an issue where the Type Server would get locked in the Starting state. [UTS-8817]
  • Fixed an issue where Type Client users would lose font activation privileges after a Windows 10 update. [UTS-8875]

Known Issues

  • Universal Type Server 7 no longer supports Open Directory for LDAP user accounts. Any existing Open Directory accounts will be converted to native accounts during an upgrade. See this article.
  • In Universal Type Server 6, you could modify the built-in User Roles. This is no longer possible. When you upgrade to Universal Type Server 7, any edited default roles will be converted to custom roles with "_1" appended to the name.
  • Type Client and Core Client are not 64-bit applications. On macOS 10.13.4 and later, you will see a performance warning the first time you launch these applications. The applications run fine, and will be upgraded to full 64-bit versions in a future release. See this article.
  • Universal Type Client for Windows will crash if you are dragging a floating preview window when the client syncs with the Type Server. [UTS-8881]
  • FontConnector for ArtPro+ on macOS does not work with Universal Type Server 7. This will be addressed in an upcoming release of ArtPro+ from Esko. See this article.