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Universal Type Server 6
Release Notes

Installing Universal Type Server

To install Universal Type Server, double click the installer icon and allow the installer to guide you.

After the installer finishes, the Server Administration application automatically opens in your default browser. Use this interface to begin configuring your Universal Type Server installation to best meet your needs.

For complete installation and configuration details, see the Server Administration Help system.

Upgrade all of your Universal Type Clients when possible. Version 5.x clients can connect to Universal Type Server 6, so Type Clients can be upgraded when it is convenient.

What’s New

Universal Type Server 6.1.5

  • Performance enhancements to Active Directory synchronization.
  • Updates to Server components Java, WildFly, and PostgreSQL to improve performance and security.
  • Fixed an issue where changing font filters in the Font Licenses panel of Users and Workgroup Management would sometimes display duplicate entries or omit some fonts. [TS-2207]
  • Fixed an issue in systems using MySQL catalogs where directory syncing would fail after deleting or deactivating a user who had created a nested set. [TS-2357]
  • Fixed an issue where reports were no longer available after changing HTTP/HTTPS Web Service ports to 80/443. [TS-2423]
  • Fixed an issue where mapping a directory group to a workgroup would sometimes fail. [TS-2429]

Universal Type Server 6.1.3

  • Bug fixes.

Universal Type Server 6.1.2

  • Allows the Server Administrator to allocate memory above 16GB to the Java Virtual Machine [UTS-5170].
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to macOS Sierra would remove the PostgreSQL service account used by Universal Type Server. See this Knowledge Base article. [UTS-5750]
  • Fixed an issue where the Service Principal Name used for Single Sign-On could be removed when reinstalling or upgrading to Universal Type Server 6.1.0 or 6.1.1. For details, see this Knowledge Base article. [UTS-5884]

Universal Type Server 6.1.1

  • Fixed an issue where Universal Type Client 6.0.x could not connect to Universal Type Server 6.1 using LDAP authentication. [TS-2246]
  • Bug fixes.

Universal Type Server 6.1.0

  • Update to use Java 8 and JBoss 10 to ensure the highest level of security
  • Secure server transmissions now utilize TLS v1.
  • New report: Font Usage
  • Fixed an issue with the reporting module that required manually replacing the report engine license file. [UTS-5337]

Universal Type Server 6.0.0

  • New reporting module with enhanced reports.
  • Configurable server memory management
  • Support for OS X El Capitan.
  • Fixed an issue where date stamps were not written to log files. [TS-1926]
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading or reinstalling Universal Type Server reset custom Java Virtual Machine memory allocation. To ensure settings are retained, use the Memory Allocation pop-up menu on the System page of the Server Administration application. [TS-2000]
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox and Chrome would raise an error when trying to use the Server Administration application with a secure connection (SSL). [TS-2020]

Known Issues

  • The Java 8 update in Universal Type Server 6.1.5 disables SSL, so Type Clients older than version 6.1.1 will fail to authenticate using Single Sign-On with Active Directory. To resolve this issue, upgrade users to Type Client 6.1.1 or later. See this article for more information.
  • After upgrading to Universal Type Server 6, the server is in Standby mode. You need to change the Access State to Normal before users can log in. [45283]
  • A “Full Administrator” account that has a space in the account name cannot access reports. See this Knowledge Base article. [UTS-5367]
  • The Report landing page is black when using a secure connection (HTTPS). To add an exception for the Reports page, see the Knowledge Base article “Unable to view Universal Type Server Reports in Firefox”. [UTS-5381]