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Suitcase Fusion 8

Release Notes

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Current version: 19.0.5 (released 14 February 2018)

Version 19.0.5

(released 14 February 2018)

In this release, we addressed a number of bugs large and small, including these:

  • On Windows, glyphs from some fonts were pasted as other fonts. [FS-4695]

  • On both Mac and Windows, copying a glyph from the Glyphs panel would change a permanently activated font to be temporarily activated. [FS-5510]

  • On Windows, dragging a selection of fonts worked sporadically. [FS-5518]

  • On OS X 10.11, the “Install All Plug-ins” function in the plug-in manager did nothing after a user entered their credentials. [FS-5537]

  • On a Mac with many fonts installed, font previews took a long time to render. [FS-5547]

  • In Photoshop CC 2018 on Mac, a Typekit dialog would display and couldn’t be closed. [FS-5573]

We also took a little time to add a few enhancements:

  • We reduced the space between font tiles and left-justified the tile view.

  • We added a method to copy fonts that were added in-place to the Font Vault; choose Edit > Copy In-Place Fonts to Vault.

  • In Suitcase Fusion for Mac, you can quickly open a set along with all of its subordinate sets; option-click the disclosure triangle for the set, or select the set and press Command-Option-Right Arrow.

Version 19.0.4

(released 11 January 2018)

  • Bug fixes.

Version 19.0.3

(released 13 Dec 2017)

  • Added more font details to different views.

  • Performance and display improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where Adobe Illustrator 2018 would sometimes display a missing font dialog for fonts that were present. [FS-5282]

  • Fixed an issue where the Quit menu item was sometimes disabled after opening a document in Adobe After Effects for Mac. [FS-5337]

  • Fixed an issue where deactivation sometimes did not work with a large number of active fonts. [FS-5368]

  • Fixed an issue where Adobe Photoshop would sometimes display a “layout change required” warning for automatically activated fonts. [FS-5370]

  • Fixed an issue where the font cache for recent versions of Adobe Photoshop CC was not being cleaned. [FS-5371]

  • Fixed an issue where dragging fonts from the Finder to the Fonts panel in macOS 10.12 or 10.13 did not add the fonts to the library. [FS-5377]

  • Fixed an issue where the Plug-in manager could not locate non-standard installations of Adobe CC2018 applications. [FS-5382]

Version 19.0.2

(released 6 Nov 2017)

  • Enhancement: We added the ability to select all the fonts in a family by clicking the family name in the Fonts panel.

  • Enhancement: We added activation icons to the font family header, so you can activate or deactivate an entire family with one click.

  • Enhancement: We added the ability to locate fonts that were added “in place”. Right-click on the font in the Fonts panel and choose “Reveal in Finder” or “Reveal in Explorer” from the shortcut menu.

  • Enhancement: You can scroll the Libraries panel or the Fonts panel by typing a letter on the keyboard. Select a library or set in the Libraries panel, or a font in the Fonts panel, then type a letter; the panel will scroll to reveal the first entry that starts with the typed letter.

  • Enhancement: We added a link on the Help menu that will take you to the Suitcase Fusion 8 Knowledge Base.

  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where creating a new library or set sometimes did not leave the new name in editing mode. [FS-4869]

  • Fixed an issue with TeamSync where a new user could not be created if their first name has a space. [FS-4902]

  • Fixed an issue where finding duplicates wasn’t working correctly when the search scope was restricted to something other than “All Libraries.” [FS-5159]

  • (Windows) Fixed an issue where changing the selection when the Info panel is open would cause the selection to flicker.

  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where pressing Command+F to initiate an Advanced Find would fail immediately after logging in. [FS-5343]

  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the Library panel could not be resized on macOS. [FS-5344]

  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where toolbar changes were not retained after quitting Suitcase Fusion 8. [FS-5353]

  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where pressing Command+F with an empty library selected would cause Suitcase Fusion to crash on macOS High Sierra. [FS-5354]

  • Fixed an issue where Suitcase Fusion could display an error code while creating a Font Vault archive, even though there was no error condition. [FS-5355]

Version 19.0.1

(released 18 Oct 2017)

  • Completely redesigned user interface

    Easier to find what you need and get back to work

  • Font details revealed

    Access font attributes easily

  • Examine fonts at the glyph level quickly

  • Integrated with the latest design applications from Adobe and Quark

  • QuickMatch is integrated into the main view

  • Detailed font language support revealed

  • Improved performance and stability

  • Support for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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