Current version: 22.0.4

System Requirements are here.

Windows Users Please Read

If you are using version 22.0.3 or later of Suitcase Fusion, you can skip this message.

We have updated the security certificate used by Suitcase Fusion. In order to install this change, please download the complete Suitcase Fusion installer from Suitcase Fusion Support and run it, instead of using the auto-updater.

This is a one-time change. You will be able to install future updates automatically or by choosing Help > Check for Updates within Suitcase Fusion.

This does not affect the Macintosh version of Suitcase Fusion.

Version 22.0.4


  • Bug fixes.

Version 22.0.3


  • We updated the security certificate used by Suitcase Fusion.

Version 22.0.2


  • Bug fixes.

Version 22.0.1

Bug fixes

  • (Mac) We fixed a highlighting issue in Suitcase Fusion for Mac.

  • (Windows) We made it so users cannot deactivate the new Windows 11 System Font, Segoe Fluent Icons Regular.

Version 22.0.0


Known issues

  • The Extensis Font Panel in Adobe Photoshop does not yet run natively on Apple M1 systems. If you need the Font Panel in Photoshop on an M1 system, you can run Photoshop using Rosetta. See this article for information.

  • On macOS 12, some fonts installed in the Suitcase Fusion vault are not displayed correctly in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote: the font menu in the Format Inspector shows just question marks for font names, and the document itself displays the font with overlapping characters.

    There are still unknowns about whether this happens only in macOS 12 that has been upgraded from macOS 11, and whether it only happens with PostScript fonts. If you are experiencing a problem like this, please submit a support request indicating that you are experiencing an issue with fonts in an Apple application on macOS 12.