System Requirements are here.

Current version
  • Portfolio: 4.0.0
  • Web Client: 4.0.0
  • Desktop Client: 4.0.0

Version 4.0.0

What’s new
  • Sever: Portfolio now supports Active Directory 2019.
  • Web, Desktop: You can now share private galleries with other users.
  • Server: You can now turn off the English option when you choose another language in the General Engine section of the Smart Keywords settings.
  • Web, Desktop: We have updated NetPublish Site Builder to allow you to add any number of metadata fields to be published. (You should confirm that your chosen fields will display as expected.)
  • NetPublish: We have increased the space available for details in the asset preview available on a NetPublish site.
  • NetPublish: In NetPublish Site Builder, you can allow site visitors to choose among multiple formats when they download assets.
  • NetPublish: We have improved watermarks created by NetPublish to include a white shadow for black text, and a black shadow for white text.
  • NetPublish: In NetPublish Site Builder, we have added an option for what a visitor can do when they try to download a file that can’t be watermarked.
  • Server: We updated LibRaw to version 0.20.2.
  • Server: We updated Apache Tomcat to version 9.0.43.
Bug fixes
  • We fixed an issue where a long field name was cut off when you added it to your site’s Grid Fields in the NetPublish Site Builder. [PORT-12930]
  • We fixed an issue where the NetPublish Usage report would display user names incorrectly.[PORT-13127]
  • We fixed an issue where Portfolio would remove a deleted asset from the Asset Deletion report after a few days, no matter what the date range for the report is. [PORT-13349]
  • We fixed an issue where a catalog created while logged in using a language other than U.S. English would display EXIF and GEO metadata fields in the wrong category in the client. [PORT-13354]
  • We fixed an issue where Portfolio couldn’t create a catalog with the General Use template when the user logged in with the International English language.[PORT-13365]