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Current version: 9.0.3

Version 9.0.3

  • Geocoding search fix

Version 9.0.2

  • Fixed an issue where GeoViewer could crash trying to print or export a map that had no coordinate system.

Version 9.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where GeoViewer may stop responding if you attempt to view floating point MrSID Generation 2 images with large, negative no-data values. [18550]

Version 9.0

Printing (GeoViewer Pro only)

Print one or more images that you add to the map. When you print images, you can print the area that is currently visible, print custom areas that you select, or print the full extents of all layers on the map.

You can print images at native resolution or automatically fit images on the number of pages that you specify. For example, you can specify that you want images to fit in an area two pages wide and two pages high.


Create bookmarks to save areas of interest that you access frequently. You can edit, delete, and export bookmark areas.

With GeoViewer Pro, you can also print bookmark areas.

Change Projection

Reproject images to another projection that you specify. By default, you can display images in their native projection, in WGS 84, and in Web Mercator.

With GeoViewer Pro, you can reproject images to additional supported projections.


When you install GeoViewer, you can choose to install for all the users of the computer or for a single user. Previously, you could only install GeoViewer for a single user.

OpenStreetMap Support

Display an OpenStreetMap layer as a base map. The OpenStreetMap layer is excluded from export jobs and print jobs.

Dynamic Range Stretching

When you open a 16-bit raster image, GeoViewer automatically uses dynamic range stretching to improve the appearance of the image.

You can enable or disable this feature for individual images and also choose what GeoViewer will do by default.

Area Measurement (GeoViewer Pro only)

Display the area of shapes that you draw on the map.

Location Search (Enhanced for GeoViewer Pro )

Search for geographic coordinates or addressing information.

With GeoViewer Pro, you can searching for locations using address information.

JPIP Improvements

When you access JPIP imagery, GeoViewer reads projection information from the JPIP server to display imagery in the correct location.

If you access the JPIP component of an Express Server, you can browse a list of the imagery available on the server.

Tiled Image Export (GeoViewer Pro only)

When you export imagery, you can select tiling options. You may want to create image tiles when you export very large images.

Expanded File Format Support

You can now view images in the CADRG and PNG file formats. You can also view signed 16-bit images.

Auxiliary File Support

GeoViewer now reads projection information from auxiliary files in the aux.xml format automatically. The projection information from aux.xml files takes precedence over image metadata and over world files as well.