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Current version: 10.0.1

Version 10.0.1

What’s new
  • You can now rename jobs directly in the Job List.
  • You can use the arrow keys to navigate the Job List.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where GeoExpress could not compress LiDAR .txt files to MrSID on Windows systems with Region set to Canada and Language set to French (Canada). [LT-3090]
  • Fixed an issue where Mosaic output did not use the selected default output file format. [LT-3508]
  • Improved the error message that is displayed when a badly-formed shapefile is used in a crop operation. [LT-3700]
  • Fixed an issue where converting a .sid image with WGS84-based projection to NITF would result in a custom projection rather than the appropriate EPSG projection. [LT-4018]

Version 10.0

  • Fixed an issue where the command line version of GeoExpress would crash while processing some .ecw files. [LT-3169]

Version 9.5.4

  • Fixed an issue where resampling an image could result in a slight change to the image extents (corner locations). [LT-2226]
  • Fixed an issue where setting advanced alpha options for a multi-file job would sometimes result in a crash. [LT-2149]
  • Fixed an issue where a mosaic that includes a low resolution image would shift the lo res tile by 1 pixel. [LT-1990]
  • Addressed an issue where the GeoExpress installer could not install a required library if an earlier version was already installed. [LT-1720]
  • Fixed an issue where the Express Cartridge Server installer was not installing some required libraries. [LT-1682]
  • Fixed an issue where creating a mosaic from multispectral images using a subset of the available bands and an opaque alpha band would yield an image with an incorrect alpha band. [LT-1642]

Version 9.5.3

  • NITF files larger than 4GB are not read correctly. [LT-1302]
  • Both Reprojection and Color Balancing now respect the operating system’s setting for number format. Specifically, if your region’s standard number format uses a comma (,) to separate integral from decimal portions of a number, these values are now stored correctly. [LT-1293]

Version 9.5

  • You cannot create images from world files that contain rotation information. [18449]
  • When you change the resolution of an image, the image may not be aligned properly. Now you can align images to an integer multiple of the output resolution. [18009]

Version 9.1

  • When you generate dynamic range values for an image in GeoExpress, the dynamic range values are stored in a metadata file with the .aux file extension. If you attempt to view the dynamic range values in ArcGIS 9.3.1 or earlier, the values are ignored. [16133]

Version 9.0

  • When you reproject a mosaic, the component tiles do not rotate. [14362]
  • When you request a license using the license fulfillment option in GeoExpress, there is not enough space to enter the entire serial key that you received in your order confirmation email. [14330]
  • If you change part of the image metadata, GeoExpress may discard the existing metadata value for the image origin. [14038]
  • If you use the wcommute Commuter Licensing utility to check out a license, GeoExpress may not use the license that you check out. [13766]
  • The documentation does not include the name of the service for the LizardTech License Server. [13760]
  • GeoExpress may fail to open images in the IMG format. [13730]
  • Reprojecting images in GeoExpress may take longer than expected. [13565]
  • You cannot create images with custom watermarks. [13522]
  • If you specify that an input image has transparency information in its metadata, GeoExpress may not create output images with the MrSID Generation 4 output format. [13283]
  • If you run Windows 7, you cannot use remote desktop to access GeoExpress Remote Edition. [13273]
  • When you install GeoExpress Remote Edition, you cannot use that instance of GeoExpress from the local system. [13272]
  • If you use the mrsidgeoencodercommand line tool to enter your locking code, the locking code may not save correctly. [13251]
  • If you view the locking code in the user interface, you may only see part of the locking code. [13241]
  • Create a mosaic with input tiles in multiple projections. If you use world files to specify the input projections, GeoExpress cannot calculate the correct amount of data to charge to the data cartridge. [13179]
  • When you search for coordinate reference systems in the user interface, you have to use the exact word order. [13034]
  • The GeoExpress trial period cannot be extended. [12719]
  • When you use the band selector on the Preview tab, the band selector may stay open after you navigate to another tab. [12250]
  • You cannot use the command line to create a mosaic from input tiles in multiple projections. [9021]