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System Requirements are here.

Current version
  • Macintosh: 1.1
  • Windows: 1.1

Installing FontLink

For full installation instructions, see the Universal Type Server Server Admin help system or Server Admin Guide PDF.

  1. Install FontLink Connector on your InDesign Server.
  2. Create the input, output, and error folders used by FontLink Connector.
  3. Install FontLink Module on your Universal Type Server.
  4. Enter the FontLink Module license in the Server Admin application.
  5. To enable notifications, enter details for your email server.
  6. Connect your InDesign Server instances in the Server Admin application.

What's New

FontLink 1.1
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
FontLink 1.0
  • First release.

Known Issues

  • On a Windows-based InDesign Server, FontLink will not process documents if the “input” folder is on a remote system, even if the remote folder is on a mapped drive. For simplicity’s sake, we recommend creating the input, output, and errors folder locally on the InDesign Server system (that is, on a drive physically attached to the server), then sharing the folders for users that need to access them. [UTS-4017]
  • The MySQL process may start after the boss process for FontLink Module and Connector on macOS. [UTS-2856]
  • When configuring an email server for use with FontLink through Google Chrome, the Universal Type Server may not be updated very quickly, so that a second browser might be able to add a second email server configuration. To avoid this, either do not run two sessions of the Server Administration application, or avoid using Google Chrome (at least when adding an email server). [UTS-2674]