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Current version:


  • Added configuration settings to allow restricting the size of a job: maxTiles allows you to specify the maximum number of tiles in a job, and maxJobSize allows you to set the maximum size of a job (in bytes). If a job request results in either of these parameters being exceeded, the user will not be allowed to submit their job. [LT-2010]
  • Fixed an issue where a request to cancel a job from ExpressZip was ignored by ExpressServer. [LT-2125]


  • Fixed an issue where ExpressZip yielded an error with a LiDAR catalog containing more than 231 (2.1 billion) points. [LT-1853]


  • Added support for CentOS Linux.

Version 9.5

Now serving LiDAR

Express Server 9.5 serves LiDAR images in MrSID Gen 4, LAS, and LAZ formats. You can visualize LiDAR data in any WMS viewer, and download and extract point clouds from your LiDAR collection.

Create LiDAR DEMS on-the-fly, filter by classification, save download time for your users and storage cost for you, so that end users can access the exact LiDAR data they need, when they need it.

Better installation experience

The Express Server installer can upgrade an existing Express Server 9 or later installation; you no longer need to uninstall your existing software and install the new version.

In addition, all prerequisite software is installed automatically, including Java and IIS.

ExpressZip enhancements

ExpressZip has been updated to support LiDAR workflows. Users can clip, zip, and ship from LiDAR catalogs to DEMs and point clouds. In addition, users can filter by classification and other properties.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a locking code would not be displayed on 64-bit Linux systems that did not have 32-bit compatibility libraries installed. [LT-1149]