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8 February 2022


25 January 2022


10 August 2021


29 June 2021


  • You can now mark libraries as “favorites” and they will be displayed above the main libraries list.

    See Favorite libraries.

27 May 2021


  • We have replaced Kloudless with our own connections to allow you to upload assets from Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

25 May 2021


  • Smart tags, which are added automatically when you add assets to Connect, are now visible in the Info pane in the asset’s Preview.

4 May 2021


  • Whole phrase search: By enclosing a search term in quotes, Connect will only search tags with that exact phrase. Searching for "Yellow" will only return assets with the tag "Yellow" and will omit assets with the tags "Yellow Cab" or "Yellow Submarine".

  • Search stem: Connect will identify the root for of a search word and identify tags with other forms of the word. Searching for "ran" will return assets tagged with forms of the root word "run", such as "running".

  • Search performance: We’ve improved search performance by limiting the metadata that is imported with assets.

  • Unicode: We’ve improved searching for search strings that include Unicode characters.

13 April 2021


  • We have translated more of Connect’s interface into German and French.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue where downloading a single asset would download a cached version of the asset which would be missing metadata. (This was never an issue when downloading multiple assets.)