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Suitcase Fusion makes font management simple, fast, and straightforward. Spend less time searching for your favorite fonts, and more time creating your best work. Refer to these modules as you organize your font collection and master Suitcase Fusion.

Getting Started

Everything you need to get started with Suitcase Fusion. Learn about login requirements, basic details of the user interface, and how to search for fonts.

Log in to Suitcase Fusion
Suitcase Fusion UI Overview
Access your Font Collection
Find your Fonts

All About Font Activation

Ensure the right fonts activate in your favorite design apps. Quickly choose fonts without pausing your workflow, and keep track of which fonts you’ve used in earlier projects.

Font Activation Basics
Efficiency with Font Auto-Activation
The Font Panel for Adobe Applications
Document Font Tracking
Using Fonts in All your Desktop Applications

Organization and Setup

Work smarter with advanced font search. Organize your font collection exactly how you want it, assign tags to fonts, and backup your fonts in the cloud.

Customize your View
Explore Font Details
Organize your Font Collection
Enhance your Fonts with Metadata and Tags
Advanced Searching
Organization with Smart Searches
Put your Fonts in the Cloud


Additional ways to save time and streamline font auto-activation. Get the most value from your subscription to Suitcase Fusion.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Precise Auto-Activation with Font Sense