Where They Started

Year over year, UCB’s marketing department faced an overwhelming task of managing their massive digital asset library. Several gigabytes of high-resolution images as well as a range of official logos, design artwork, and important shared documents were scattered between a multitude of folders, cameras, desktops, and CDs. As a result, searching for a specific image or file was time-consuming, and often certain ‘go-to’ images were being overused in different materials.

With photographers commissioned to provide the department with fresh images of UCB’s students and facilities, a digital asset management (DAM) solution became a necessity.

Their Goals

  • Centralize the team’s massive digital asset collection
  • Increase visibility of all visual assets
  • Ensure quick and easy access to images within the team and across departments


A DAM Solution with a Powerful Web Portal

With the growing need to find and share their digital assets quickly, UCB started their search for a DAM system. Being able to easily share assets was key for the solution. A photographer recommended Extensis Portfolio, and upon evaluation, UCB found that Portfolio's module for quickly creating dynamic websites to share assets on the web was an attractive component. UCB proceeded with the implementation.

Between the seven users that were set up from UCB’s marketing department, thousands of assets were uploaded in bulk into Portfolio, with many more anticipated to be uploaded as well. Amy Johnson, Marketing Copywriter, says, “It’s a progressive process. We are finding that, as we upload more content, there is a need to create new categories and tags — and we are always finding hidden caches of images stored in forgotten places that need to be uploaded. It’s going to take a while, and the structure of our storage seems to be constantly evolving — but this ensures that everything will be tailored to the organization’s needs.”

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio, UCB’s marketing department now has:


In sharing images


Speed in finding files


On new image needs

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+ Customer Testimonial

Finding images quickly and efficiently is very important, and we can now share these images easily with other departments.

- Amy Johnson

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