Where They Started

Prior to implementing Suitcase TeamSync, the art department at The Mx Group maintained 10–15 separate licenses of Suitcase Fusion. Everybody was responsible for maintaining their own individual libraries. With designers working on projects for multiple clients per day, and with clients continually changing their branding, it was getting unmanageable to make sure everybody had the right licensed font at all times.

When Suitcase TeamSync became available — offering the same font management capabilities of Suitcase Fusion, as well as font sharing and distribution via the cloud — it was well worth the switch.

Their Goals

  • Manage team access to licensed fonts
  • Reduce demand on IT and production
  • Simplify scaling font management as the team grows


As longtime users of Suitcase Fusion, the creative and production departments at The Mx Group were already aware of that solution’s font management capabilities. But until Suitcase TeamSync was launched in 2016, the only other font-sharing solution was the team’s enterprise solution, Universal Type Server.

Suitcase TeamSync, however, was more cost-effective and affordable for the team of 20 designers. Since affordability was a factor, along with the need to reduce IT demand, Suitcase TeamSync was the obvious choice.

Since implementing Suitcase TeamSync, the art department at The Mx Group has

  • Easily scaled the number of Suitcase TeamSync licenses to 25 as the team has grown
  • Manage multiple font collections for different types of workgroups, while providing efficient user access
  • Improved the efficiency of their onboarding process for new employees by assigning them the right libraries through Suitcase TeamSync

“I think everything is working really smoothly and [Suitcase TeamSync] makes a lot of sense,” said Russell Warrington, production manager at The Mx Group. “I think we are good to go for the foreseeable future.”

The Results

Since deploying Suitcase TeamSync, The Mx Group has:


Countless hours


Demand on IT


Based on specific client accounts

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+ Customer Testimonial

It’s really helpful that this library is in the cloud, so people who are working offsite can still access it. And once you’ve accessed the library, it’s on your machine. You don’t even need an internet connection to activate those fonts. That’s a really key feature — I don’t know if we would be as successful without it.

- Russell Warrington

Next Steps

See Suitcase TeamSync in Action

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