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Where They Started

Like many visual and design companies, The Mill’s creative department works with a large collection of fonts. Since The Mill’s team is spread out across multiple offices in the US and London, it was critical for them to find the best way to quickly organize, discover, and distribute fonts to everyone who needs access.

Initially, each office used its own font management system. While the New York office relied on Extensis’s enterprise font management solution Universal Type Server user, The Mill’s London office selected an alternative solution to manage their collection of 2000 fonts. But this became problematic and ground their workflow to a halt.

The Mill’s two London offices were unable to share their fonts with the alternative system. And even worse, their font tool had a tendency to crash the company’s computers. Companies like The Mill rely on speed, accuracy, and collaboration to make video magic. Yet their font system kept getting in the way.

Their Goals

  • Connect all offices to the same font management solution
  • Implement a reliable font server that could ensure font access without slowing them down
  • Increase productivity and improve collaboration


When the London team saw what the New York team could accomplish with Universal Type Server, they made the switch. The Mill’s London designers quickly saw the vast difference in reliability and shared access to fonts. In addition to solving these critical factors, the London team discovered they could also write scripts to activate fonts as part of the rendering process. The Mill then expanded their investment in Universal Type Server for a computer cluster built to render computer-generated imagery for film and television projects. What began as a way to improve font access has now turned into an essential part of their creative process.

The Results

Since making the switch to Universal Type Server, The Mill’s London office doubled their client licenses before merging those licenses with their New York office. All of The Mill’s designers rely on the same font server based in New York City, making font accessibility seamless for everyone. Now that The Mill has centralized their font distribution on Universal Type Server, they can spend more time on what they do best — creating incredible work for their clients.


Shared access


Technical reliability


Workflow efficiency

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+ Customer Testimonial

The Mill’s London team doubled their client licenses once they saw how Universal Type Server improved productivity and collaboration.

- The Mill

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