Where They Started

Following a National Lottery grant in 2001, The Courtauld Institute initially invested in an outsourced digital asset management (DAM) solution; however, this turned out to be both expensive and time-consuming as it proved difficult to make modifications to the database.

Eager to digitize the Institute’s entire collection and place these image libraries online, The Courtauld Institute went in search for an alternative DAM solution that was not only cost-effective, but also easy to configure and maintain internally. It was also imperative the new solution could integrate seamlessly with the Institute’s Collections Management System—MuseumPlus by zetcom.

Their Goals

Digitize the museum's images

Ensure the long-term preservation of the prestigious collection


Integrating Digital Asset Management with Collections Management

The Courtauld Institute turned to Extensis Portfolio for archiving images of its extensive collection, using the product’s metadata import functions so that each asset can be easily found and shared across departments.

The Courtauld Institute also leveraged Portfolio’s API, which enables the Institute’s collection management system to integrate with Portfolio. Portfolio's ability to connect to MuseumPlus was a great advantage in not only accessing the original digital files, but also creating on-demand copies in multiple resolutions and sizes through Portfolio’s media processing functions.

The Results

By connecting Extensis’ digital asset management solution with its existing collection management system, The Courtauld Institute has:




Preservation of collection



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Portfolio delivers a crucial connection between our collection management portal and our vast collection of high-quality images.

- Tom Bilson

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