Where They Started

More than 200 years after the first formations of the Teylers Museum, a majority of Pieter Teyler’s collections had been digitized.

With hundreds of thousands of assets, the team needed a solution that would enable them to effectively organize, share, store, and preserve this historic collection.

Although they had a Collections Management System (CMS) to manage the curatorial information related to each object, they soon realized that they needed a Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) to manage their original digital scans and photography and chose Extensis Portfolio with it’s ability to reference original photography.

Their Goals

Ensure digital images are effectively catalogued and indexed to increase discoverability

Implement a secure solution for quickly sharing high-resolution digital images

Reduce file sizes without compromising image quality and so reducing digital storage costs when working with a large collection of high-resolution digital assets.


In 2010, Martijn Zegel, Head of Photography, Reproductions and Digital Rights, selected Extensis Portfolio as the museum’s Digital Asset Management solution. Zegel selected Portfolio for its efficiency in cataloging and indexing digital files.

Today, and with a more than 350,000 assets and an increasing number of requests for high-resolution images, Martijn added Portfolio NetPublish, an add-on module built to enable fast and secure sharing of digital content. He also made use of Portfolio’s native support for the .SID file format as a compressed, non-destructive archival format, which also improved the user experience in previewing exceptionally large digital files.

The Results

By utilizing the MrSID compression technology available in Portfolio, the Teylers Museum was able to compress their high-resolution images to less than half the original size and with no image degradation (for example, a 6.4Gb PSD file was flattened and saved as a 2.53Gb .SID file). The reduced file sizes allowed the organization to save on storage costs, and in combination with NetPublish, sped up their ability to share high-quality images across teams internally and in fulfilling requests for digital images externally.

Feedback from internal colleagues and external customers has been very positive because search and delivery of content is dramatically faster, and the image previews are detailed and clear.


Efficiency in finding and sharing files


Storage costs


Visual experience of high-resolution images

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+ Customer Testimonial

Colleagues are very enthusiastic about Portfolio - especially about the pictures of 3D materials such as fossils, instruments, coins and the herbaria. You can immediately see the benefits of the compressed .SID files, delivering high-resolution pictures with an uncompromised visual experience. Using NetPublish, the departments’ customers can now make their choices based on the preview of an image, and if permission has been granted, download whatever they need.

- Martijn Zegel

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