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Where They Started

To get the word out about the organization’s mission and activities, Sustrans’ in-house marketing and brand team of 16 works alongside external communication officers and partners

Sustrans needed to ensure that all teams, regardless of their geographical location, could access to all the charity’s brand materials including event photography and other resources — a daunting task as Sustrans digital assets have grown to 60,000 images and graphic files since 2015.

Their Goals

  • Ensure a single central repository for all of their digital assets.
  • Allow controlled access to all teams across the U.K. and Ireland to search and download assets.
  • Ensure compliance with General Data Protection Regulation in use of live photography, in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Recent laws regarding data protection in Europe have established legal restrictions concerning the use of live event photography and the storage of personal data. Working within the legislation, the charity is now able to track the use of an individual image within their different marketing and communication channels. Sustrans can easily locate the file, see where the file has been published, and even retire the file in question to prevent further use.

Working with live event imagery can often be challenging. “It may happen that someone, having originally granted permission, then sees themselves on our website and opts not to be featured,” said Kate Strange, Director of Brand and Marketing. “We need to be able to track back to the source in order to remove that image, and all subsequent uses of the same from our communications — and prevent it from being used further. Portfolio has become a useful ally, allowing for quick search and deletion of assets that should not be in use anymore.”

The Results

Alongside Portfolio’s benefits to the marketing and brand team, Sustrans has also opened access for search and download of assets to the wider organization, which has facilitated other teams in running their own projects.

The charity has also been using Portfolio Flow, Extensis’ app for Android and iOS, which enables users to upload files and simultaneously tag metadata to an asset directly from a mobile device.

“Portfolio is our single source of truth,” said Ms. Strange. “Working in a devolved structure, it is vital that we have a central location for our assets that anyone can access.”

While Portfolio reduces downtime and shortens training time, the company has also made their own video tutorials to enhance employee learning.


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+ Customer Testimonial

Portfolio is our central source for images and it has been useful having it. Also, because we have had it for so long everyone knows about it and everyone knows that is where to find images. It is vital really!

- Kate Strange
Director of Brand and Marketing

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