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Where They Started

Over the years, Société Générale has built up an impressive internal banking data collection with over 20,000 images.

Employees using this database were quickly confronted with problems searching for and accessing images since there was no centralized system that classified their digital assets.

The bank needed a better way to classify and organize its photo library.

Their Goals

  • To improve the management of and access to digital assets by using a centralized server to host all images.
  • To allow documents to be shared between different departments.
  • To optimize the use of existing images, establish a sensible purchasing approach, and avoid duplicates.


Société Générale had already worked with Extensis in the management of its fonts using Universal Type Server. It was only natural that it turned to Jean-Michel Laurent, the Extensis representative in France, to find a solution to its digital asset management needs. After a discussion with the banking teams, Société Générale selected Portfolio DAM software. Shortly after that, Société Générale added the NetPublish module to their Portfolio instance, which allows digital data to be shared between different departments.

The Results

Now that Société Générale has deployed the Portfolio DAM solution, their teams can easily access the bank’s images from machine within seconds. And thanks to the NetPublish function, employees can share items among themselves quickly and efficiently.

Portfolio provides countless opportunities to maximize the value of their digital assets, and Société Générale’s team members are delighted.


Shared access


Technical reliability


Workflow efficiency

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+ Customer Testimonial

Using Portfolio has allowed us to centralize our picture library. Our employees have easy access to it and can carry out the searches they wish. It saves a tremendous amount of time and there are major productivity gains.

- Cédric Cazaly
Manager of Studio Société Générale

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