Where They Started

Every year, 40 photographers gather at Smukfest, working shifts to take photos to capture the essence of this week-long music festival. With tens of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, enjoying the music within a natural environment, more than 6,000 moments are saved.

Each day, 50 of the best images are selected to share via social media and the festival’s website, in addition to sharing with journalists covering the festival. Post festival, the team archives the photos for ongoing promotional activities. Today, Smukfest has a collection of more than 200,000 photos from four decades of festivals.

Prior to deploying a digital asset management solution, images were scattered across multiple desktops and devices, and often duplicated into different folders, and saved with different names. This made the process of finding and sharing the best shots very inefficient, and sadly many were lost over the years.

Understanding the value of their growing archive the team went in search for a solution that would centralize their assets so they were easier to tag, and so easier to find, share and preserve.

Their Goals

Increase discoverability of images through a consistent process for image tagging and predictive search.

Deploy a solution that would be intuitive for all photographers to use and require little to no training.

Accelerate the process for centralizing images so they could be shared daily with festival attendees and media.

Ensure images are preserved within an archive for future use.


To centralize their collection, Smukfest uses Portfolio. The digital asset management solution not only enables the team to have one repository for all photos, but the managed upload capabilities require all photographers to add metadata tags, making the images much easier to organize and find at a later time.

Portfolio’s tagging, ranking, and cataloging features also enable the core team to quickly identify their top 50 photos from each day. Using Portfolio’s NetPublish module, they’re then able to quickly publish and share their selections to a secure, branded web portal.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio several years ago, the team has seen a significant increase in their overall efficiency. With images all ordered and reliably tagged, they are consistently able to find and share whatever they need and without any headaches.

After the 2017 festival the team wanted to explore ways fine tuning their library. They wanted to free up their internal server, and create a more flexible and agile platform. Working with Extensis, the Smukfest team chose to migrate their Portfolio installation to Amazon Cloud, relieving some of their storage costs, delivering the added flexibility and scalability they were seeking.

This has enabled the team to make the experience at each year’s festival much more dynamic and engaging by allowing them to share their top images daily via big screens at the event, social media, their website and with media covering the event.

As each festival draws to a close, the team are left with a centralized and highly organized collection for their growing archive. They now have a secure and reliable stage for their digital content with easy access for marketing and print promotions throughout the year.


Engagement with attendees


Storage costs


Efficiency in locating & sharing images

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+ Customer Testimonial

With Portfolio we have finally gathered all of our images in one solution. It’s easier to upload, find and sort the images than ever which is very important both during our festival week and the rest of the year.

- Michael Vahl

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