Where They Started

The Ministry has more than 20 offices spread around the province, some in remote places with low bandwidth. Personnel at the various locations view geospatial imagery both in web applications and as contextual layers within ArcMap and GeoMedia.

Multiple offices were purchasing the same data on CD-ROM for their locations – a costly redundancy in terms of both money and storage space. This decentralized image sourcing also created difficulties in managing and updating the imagery.

Their Goals

  • Efficiently manage, update, and distribute imagery from a central location
  • Make imagery accessible to entire Ministry workforce
  • Reduce file sizes of stored images while retaining high image-quality
  • Mosaic and compress data in an efficient workflow
  • Support viewing by analysts using WMS-enabled web applications such as ArcMap and GeoMedia


The Ministry turned to GeoExpress for mosaicking and compression to MrSID files, and Express Server for efficient distribution to any device over any connection.

With these solutions, the Ministry now makes a single purchase of image data, then uses GeoExpress software to convert TIFFs to the industry standard MrSID format, simultaneously eliminating 60% of data storage costs and taking advantage of easy-to-use image processing tools such as color balancing, mosaicking, and reprojection. GeoExpress retains high image-quality.

The Ministry then uses Express Server to distribute the imagery among its offices and personnel in the field for use as image layers in ArcMap and WMS-enabled web applications. Now, personnel anywhere can quickly view any of the Ministry’s image data from one central, easily-updated repository.

The Results

The Québec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Parks realized the following benefits using GeoExpress and Express Server:

  • Reduced storage requirements - Savings of 60% in total file sizes
  • Eliminated redundancy - Central storage, processing, updating, and distribution
  • Retention of image quality - Visually lossless images even at high compression ratios
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements - Efficient low-bandwidth delivery of large images
  • Easy online viewing - Images accessible via WMS-enabled web applications such as ArcMap
  • Workflow efficiency - Combined image manipulation tools and compression capabilities


Reduction in file sizes


Of image quality


Bandwidth requirements

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Using GeoExpress and Express Server reduces our storage costs and enables us to manage images in a central location, which in turn reduces redundancy and increases our efficiency.

- Directorate of Information Resources

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