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Where They Started

For much of its history, the Priaulx Library’s collections were largely print-based with some records preserved on microfilm.

Recently the staff recognized the importance of digitizing their collections. Yet as the number of digital assets grew dramatically year after year, the need to catalogue and index many different file formats became increasingly urgent.

Their Goals

  • Improve accessibility, both for librarians and visitors to the island.

  • Reduce the amount of time required to search for specific documents.

  • Preserve the history of Guernsey so that future generations would be able to find any document in seconds.

  • Provide full-text search to their newspaper archive.


The staff of the Priaulx Library required a solution that could help them manage tens of thousands of digital assets and securely share these images and documents with visitors to the island. They contacted other galleries, libraries, and museums that had faced similar challenges digitizing their collections. One of the institutions they contacted was an Extensis customer, the British Library, who recommended Portfolio and NetPublish.

The Results

With help from an active group of volunteers, the Priaulx Library has greatly improved the accessibility of their collections. Before, individuals struggled to find specific assets in the library’s vast treasure trove of documents, and searches could take days. Now, visitors, volunteers, and staff can instantly find documents through NetPublish running on the library’s intranet. Once they tap a touchscreen, they’re immersed in the history of Guernsey.




Local Access


Search Time

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The Priaulx Library enhanced the accessibility of their collection and preserved it for generations to come with Portfolio.

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+ Customer Testimonial

“Now we could at last envisage a full programme of digitisation, with the newspapers, once scanned, being made available on the user terminals via Portfolio… searching our huge collection and making surprising discoveries is suddenly getting a lot easier!”

- Dinah Bott
Website Editor, Priaulx Library

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