Where They Started

Nickelodeon Animation produces an impressive two hours of new animation every week, making for a rapid accumulation of content. Manual archiving used to govern how assets were cataloged and tracked. Animation cells, drawings, painting, scripts, and voice recordings were all tabulated in a binder, filed away into boxes, and then transferred to an offsite storage facility. Attempts to search for these assets were far from simple and relied upon inconsistent descriptions that would differ between departments. The system was slow, costly, and time-sucking. And everyone knew it.

Their Goals

Modernize archiving and file management to centralized digital system

Increase visibility of files across entire animation team

Decrease time trying to locate files


Digital Centralization with Extensis Portfolio

To install some order into an inefficient process, Nickelodeon Animation went in search of a system that would:

  • Present a highly visual interface that could be easily used and taught to the production teams
  • Catalog all assets in easily searchable format that featured thumbnails and rich metadata
  • Accommodate cross-platform users working on both Mac and Windows-based machines

They found a new friend in Portfolio. Portfolio quickly allowed them to bring all of their assets into one place, so they could stop digging through random boxes and focus their energy on producing kid-friendly entertainment.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio, Nickelodeon Animation has organized all assets into galleries that are specific to each show, allowing animators to quickly find assets they can work with or re-use for future programming.

By centralizing their digital assets in Portfolio, they have:


Speed for locating files


Asset sharing across teams


To real-time file archiving

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+ Customer Testimonial

We now have an extremely user-friendly library for all artists on a production to see their work.

- Eric Swanborg

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