Where They Started

Accruing a massive font collection is typical at a design agency. They play a critical role in the voice of a brand. And when you serve a large portfolio of elite brands, font collections can add up fast. Which if unmanaged can result in all kinds of problems, including unknown licensing status, uncertain licensing procedures, over-spending, and compliance risks.

Being the problem solvers that they are, mcgarrybowen was on a mission to rein in its font collection and procedures.

Their Goals

  • Establish font licensing procedures
  • Reduce overspending
  • Mitigate compliance risk
  • Keep creatives focused on campaign production


Taking the Guesswork Out with Strategic Font Management

Casey Hargreaves sits at the center of mcgarrybowen’s workflow production. Using Universal Type Server and Universal Type Client, she’s taken the guesswork out of font usage rights. The creative team has this information at their fingertips, so they know exactly what font they can use where and when.

Hargreaves also actively uses the reporting features in Universal Type Server to inform font purchasing decisions. With visibility into what fonts are being used by whom, she knows exactly what font licenses they need to buy. No more over-purchasing.

The Results


Time for campaign production


Compliance risk


Of dollars saved

See Universal Type Server in Action

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+ Customer Testimonial

Universal Type Server adds a layer of transparency to help people understand how and where and when they can use a font in a campaign. That, in turn, protects our clients.

- Casey Hargreaves

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