Where They Started

The introduction of desktop publishing (DTP) in the company began in the 1990s.

Given its line of business, Le Figaro has a huge collection of fonts for the production of all its graphical content. The company needed a professional solution that would enable centralised management of fonts and distribution according to profiles.

Initially, Le Figaro used a simple, competitive solution to Universal Type Server, but this was not ideal since it did not allow for different permission levels they needed, as anyone could add any font.

Le Figaro therefore chose Extensis Universal Type Server, an all-in-one font management solution.

Their Goals

  • Improve font management through a server that hosts font libraries.
  • Enable the distribution of fonts according to user profiles.
  • Automate accurate font activation.


Since the previous solution was showing its limits, the production team, in collaboration with the artistic department, started to research other solutions that could better meet their specific needs.

Le Figaro's teams approached Jean-Michel Laurent, Extensis' representative for France, who provided assistance. With Jean-Michel’s help they switched to Universal Type Server, rolling out the deployment to their users, department by department.

The Results

Since the transition to Universal Type Server, Le Figaro can guarantee the compliance and homogeneity of fonts used for the production of all its content.

Furthermore, Le Figaro can manage all user access and font distribution with ease, directly in the Universal Type Server web interface. The solution makes it simple to add or delete fonts, group them together, export them, and choose who can access them.


of font compliance in all departments


user management



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+ Customer Testimonial

Deployment of Universal Type Server was done very simply and on a daily basis. The solution fully meets our needs. For example, it enables us to be more responsive when users join a project they don't usually work on.

- - Tahar Sail
Deputy Publishing IT Manager
Le Figaro

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