Where They Started

One of the hottest topics at universities and colleges across the globe is how to get their messages out and leverage the power of social media to get people actively engaged in campus life. This conversation permeates not only higher education, but also marketing departments across the globe.

Instrumental to social media is engaging at the right moment and with high-quality imagery (posts that include photos have 94% more engagement than those that do not). For example, with sporting events, the day after is a lost opportunity. People want in on the action as it’s happening—whether they are at the game, watching on TV, or trying to stay abreast of the latest online.

Understanding the difference high-quality imagery plays in social engagement, Baylor’s Photography Department went in search of a solution that could get shots off their professional cameras and into the hands of their social media team within seconds.

Their Goals

Increase time for strategic design work

Accelerate workflows across the organization

Eliminate out-of-date and unapproved images


A Quick-to-Implement and Easy-to-Use DAM

Not willing to stay on board with inefficient workflows, American Cruise Lines turned to Extensis Portfolio to create a culture of self-service.

Portfolio was selected because it:

  • Integrates with their creative server to mirror its structure so they don’t have to re-categorize or organize Portfolio as a separate system.
  • Bulk tags images by extracting keywords that match their server structure.
  • Easily tags images based on the subject matter and location, making search fast and reliable.
  • Batch processes files into PDFs or JPEGs with an on-demand resizing function for easy downloads and distribution of assets.

By centralizing approved assets and opening them up to the broader organization, the creative team is no longer inundated with image requests from external stakeholders.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio, American Cruise Lines’ creative department has regained much-needed time for strategic design work by enabling controlled self-service.


Reduction in creative team requests


Reduction in hours spent locating images


Duplicate or outdated assets

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+ Customer Testimonial

Extensis has helped make the creative department more efficient by streamlining the image request and search process. This has freed up a substantial amount of time that can be better spent on actual design work, and we are very happy about that.

- Brett Wingate

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