Where They Started

One of the secrets to Agence Surf’s creative genius has been reliable font management. Indeed, Agence Surf has used Extensis’s font manager Universal Type Server to provide their team members with the exact right fonts for every project since 2008. But when work-from-home requirements went into effect at the start of the pandemic in 2020, many of their projects faced several disruptions.

Suddenly Agence Surf realized that managing updates to UTS on their server hardware was upending their productivity. Since Agence Surf needed continuous access to their fonts in UTS, that meant they needed to stay on their VPN all the time. And working in memory-intensive design apps through their VPN led to a much slower workflow. Agence Surf knew this situation was unsustainable, but fortunately they didn’t have to look far for a solution. They found it in Connect Fonts, a cloud-based font manager for teams of all sizes.

Their Goals

  • Flexible font management that could accommodate remote workers
  • Eliminate font-related errors in their favorite design apps
  • Remove the chaos from their creative process


With their move to Connect Fonts, the designers at Agence Surf were able to resume their rapid workflow with the same font accuracy they’ve come to know and trust. And since Connect Fonts doesn’t rely on expensive server hardware, manual updates are a thing of the past. Best of all, font management, distribution, and auto-activation through Connect Fonts is quick and easy, which means everyone at Agence Surf has the freedom to complete their best work wherever and whenever they want.

The Results

Agence Surf quickly adapted to the challenges of quarantine by switching to Connect Fonts. With this cloud-based font manager they were able to focus on the big picture and avoid creative chaos.


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Creative Workflow



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+ Customer Testimonial

The global health crisis of 2020 and its multiple containments forced us to adapt. Our font management was no longer adequate. The switch to Connect Fonts was quick and easy, and now our team is more productive than ever.

- François Goldenberg, Associate Director, Agence Surf

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