Where They Started

The smile delivery business doesn’t just build up joy; it also builds up digital assets. 100,000 at last glance. Managing these assets wasn’t always a rosy experience. Prior to implementing a digital asset management system, the team’s process for creating, storing, and sharing files left many feeling like they were working for the assets, instead of the other way around. Often the team had to turn to senior staff to find files, creating inefficiencies for everyone. Even if someone knew where something was, the folder structures were disorganized and contained files with inconsistent naming conventions. The files also often lacked usage rights information, which left a huge question mark on whether the asset should be used in the first place.

Time and money were going down the drain, replaced instead by endless hours searching for artwork, redesigning lost files, and repurchasing stock images that had disappeared into the mayhem. It was the thorn in everyone’s side.

Their Goals

  • Enable designers to find the images they need instantly
  • Eliminate redesigning or repurchasing lost files
  • Make their work lives easier


A Quick-to-Implement and Easy-to-Use DAM

Unwilling to succumb to a flawed process any longer, 1800Flowers set their sights on finding a system that would:

  • Organize their collection of images into multiple categories that included effective keywording
  • Provide a user-friendly visual search experience
  • Be an affordable, out-of-the-box solution that made the set-up process a painless one
  • Save the organization both time and money

The team turned to Portfolio. Only two people were needed to set everything up. The IT tech installed the software and created user accounts. The design team rep laid out catalogs, selected custom fields, and outlined a folder structure. Within days everything was up and running, and the thorn was banished.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio, 1800Flowers has seen the following business benefits:


Reduction in image research time




Existing image use

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+ Customer Testimonial

If I am doing a project that requires image research, it cuts the time by a third.

- Mark Lefkin

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