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Beauty, fashion, design, and luxury sit at the center of SANDOW. Part media company, part design firm, and part purveyor of luxury goods, SANDOW doesn’t easily lend itself to a simple tagline. However, one thing is crystal clear: their mission is to build smart businesses, driven by innovation and design.

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Where They Started

Building smart brands requires making smart font decisions. With a rapidly growing client base, so came tens of thousands of fonts, including duplicates, scattered across SANDOW’s server. This increased spending and the risk of font lawsuits, and caused frustration among designers and brand leads who were spending too much time sifting through fonts to find the one they need.

Prior to working with Extensis, SANDOW implemented an alternative font management system. Over time, the system created additional problems. Brand leads were disconnected from the system, fonts were still scattered, and visibility into font usage was limited. The legacy system had lackluster technical support, resulting in months of wasted time waiting for problems to be solved.

Their Goals

Eliminate duplicate fonts

Decrease font spending

Reduce demand on IT department

Mitigate compliance risk

Partner with a vendor with quality support

The Solution:

Operation Font Reduction

Pivoting off its goal to make businesses smarter, SANDOW turned this mission inward. Michael Shavalier, Vice President of Creative Operations, took the reins on tackling the font challenge and turned to Extensis as SANDOW’s strategic font management partner.

Using Extensis Universal Type Server, Shavalier was able to quickly eliminate unnecessary fonts, paring back their collection from tens of thousands to a manageable four thousand. Shavalier organized fonts based on workgroups, assigning user permissions based on projects.

With Universal Type Server's font usage reports, Shavalier continues to reduce costs with informed purchasing decisions while simultaneously mitigating risk.

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The Result

With a strategic font management system in place, SANDOW continues to scale while reducing employee frustration, cost, and the risk of a lawsuit due to font misuse. The team is also thrilled with Extensis’ highly responsive and engaged support team, no longer losing precious time waiting as they had in the past.

Universal Type Server has facilitated:

Reduction in Spending
Reduction in IT Requests
Fewer Fonts
"Having control over font usage across workgroups is easier to manage. I’m able to set up font leads, and give people different rights without having to give them full rights. That’s definitely an improvement."
Michael Shavalier - Vice President of Creative Operations, SANDOW

Michael Shavalier
Vice President of Creative Operations, SANDOW

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