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Los Angeles

Industry Event Hosted by Extensis
November 16, 2017
Loews Hollywood Hotel

Trends & Technology for Creative Professionals
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Fonts in Creative Workflows

Future Trends in Font Management

Creative tools are always evolving to meet modern demands of creative professionals. Server-based font managers are no different. Extensis Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Jim Kidwell, covers the state of fonts in the creative workflow and how font management technologies are improving to meet the demand.

Safe, Legal, and Rare

Font licensing expert and CEO of type foundry Darden Studio, Joyce Ketterer, delivers a detailed discussion about font licensing. Joyce will help you understand your rights and responsibilities provided by a font license. If you've ever worried about landing in a legal mess over your font licensing practices, this session is a must watch.

The Future of Digital Asset Management

Introduction to Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Creative teams produce, license and archive digital files on a daily basis. Keeping track of everything and making it available to the appropriate users in a timely fashion is key to efficiency. Extensis Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Amy Chan, gives a brief overview of DAM, how it has become a critical enterprise application, and how it is evolving to support workflows and workgroups around the organization.

The Power of Rights Management: 'Clearing' the Way for Your Digital Assets

In today's constantly evolving digital media landscape, there's an increasing need for cross-departmental integration and a focus on the role DAMs play in ensuring that content goes farther and gets utilized faster. In this session, Extensis and FADEL discuss the importance of rights management and show how workgroups of all sizes and budgets can use DAM to ensure proper content usage rights and restrictions against contract terms during the creative process. This will not only protect companies from compliance issues, but also accelerate workflows, improve speed to market and enable customers to get the most out of their investments.

Consumer Panel: OSU and Harlow Technologies

In this session we explore DAM with Karen Zimmermann, Digital Asset Manager at Oregon State University, and Daniel Harlow, President of Harlow Technologies. With more than a decade working with DAM, Zimmermann and Harlow will discuss indications that a DAM is needed, how to build a business case for DAM, key strategies for implementation, common challenges and solutions, how to drive adoption, and overall best practices.

Artificial Intelligence & DAM

The impact of AI on automating keywording is one of the hottest topics buzzing in the DAM world. As teams build large asset collections, it becomes increasingly difficult (and time consuming) to tag every asset so that it can be quickly located in the future. One of the leading AI pioneers, Clarifai, joins Extensis to discuss how the technology is tackling this problem today, share examples of AI & DAM in action, reveal the mechanics of how it works, and talk about what the future holds.