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Universal Type Core Client: Font Management for Every User

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The Universal Type Core Client is a lightweight client that is perfect for any team member who needs silent, efficient access to a core group of fonts, without the need for the full control of a user interface.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensuring that every member of your team has the right assets to effectively represent your branding can be a challenge. Those inside your sales, marketing, administration, and finance teams have the same desire to create professional, refined documents and presentations that represent your organization well and adhere to your corporate brand.

With the power of Universal Type Server Enterprise Edition and the Core Client*, you ensure that every PowerPoint presentation, sales quote, form letter and annual report uses the right fonts and effectively represents your brand.

Extend Font Compliance to All Users

Fonts are software just like any tool that you purchase for your team. Ensuring that you have the correct licensing for all of your fonts, and preventing unlicensed fonts from entering your workflow is now imperative.

By deploying the Core Client on all of your user machines, you can prevent the unauthorized installation of unlicensed fonts on your user machines.  By continuously monitoring and syncing fonts, the Core Client maintains font compliance, keeping your team safe from lawsuits.

The Core Client interfaces with the Universal Type Server Enterprise reporting features to ensure that you always have an accurate count of your font use and licensing.

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Behind the Scenes Distribution

Training users to use new technology can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Type Core Client performs all of the hard work behind the scenes. Users get the fonts that they need, without any interruption on their part, just the right fonts when they need them.

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* Note that the Universal Type Server Enterprise Edition is required to take advantage of the Type Core Client.