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Universal Type Server Client Options

Universal Type Server is a powerful central repository for your valuable font collection.

Fonts can be distributed to your users through either of two clients:

  • The full featured, powerful Universal Type Client
  • The trim, background application, Type Core Client

The Universal Type Client is perfect for designers, publishers and anyone who needs full access and control of a wide range of fonts from the corporate collection.

The Type Core Client is perfect for efficient font access for users who need a small set of approved fonts, without the full user interface and control available in the Universal Type Client.

Learn more about the Type Core Client

Universal Type Client Type Core Client*
Stay in sync
TurboSync™, fast font synchronization Yes! Yes!
Access only approved fonts by user Yes! Yes!
Font compliance
Controls user font access Yes! Yes!
Prevents unlicensed font use Yes! Yes!
Network integration
Active Directory/Open Directory integration (LDAP) Yes! Yes!
Kerberos secure network authentication Yes! Yes!
Creative control
Browse and preview any font Yes!
Temporarily or permanently activate fonts Yes!
Auto activate with plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InCopy®, After Effects® and QuarkXPress® Yes!
Preview any text with QuickType™ custom previews Yes!
Find similar fonts fast with QuickMatch™ Yes!
Stay organized
Group fonts into sets Yes!
Create dynamic 'smart sets' Yes!
Share sets with workgroup members Yes!
Keep running
Cleans problematic font caches Yes!

* Note that the Universal Type Server Enterprise Edition is required to take advantage of the Type Core Client.