Server Based Font Management -

Why Server-Based Font Management?

Keep your team in sync, productive, and legal.

The right tool for unique font challenges

Large creative groups have unique font challenges to creative workflows. Keeping your team in sync using the correct, legally purchased fonts can be difficult for any team. Single user font management applications can help get the process started, but aren’t able to provide the necessary synchronization and workgroup management functions.

Server-based font managers provide:

  • A centralized font repository
  • Font auditing and tracking tools
  • Powerful toolset for creative users

Universal Type Server® is the leading corporate professional font manager. It allows Information Technology departments to manage the distribution of fonts to cross-platform creative teams, ensuring a smooth creative workflow and compliance with font licensing.

Centralized Font Repository

Managing your team’s fonts with a server gives you the power to grant access to your font collection. Keeping your team in sync is as easy as adding fonts to the server. Font distribution and permission management takes places from a single, centralized location. No more visiting each user’s desktop to solve common font problems.

Font Auditing and Tracking

Fonts are licensed just like any other piece of software. Track and your font collection to ensure that your team’s font usage is legal and compliant. Universal Type Server provides robust user access management as well as reporting tools that give you unprecedented insight into your team’s font usage.

Powerful Creative Toolset

Fonts are only valuable when they’re able to be used by your teams. A server-based client gives your users a powerful creative toolset to search, find and use the fonts that they need. Auto-activation plug-ins for professional design applications activate and deactivate fonts without user intervention, keeping your creative teams humming.