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Create fast and easy font usage samples

With QuickComp

Typography is critical to design

Universal Type Server helps you get going quickly with QuickComp™, a library of templates that allow you to compare fonts side-by-side, prototype projects, and print font proofs of sample projects.

Comparing and Pairing Fonts

What’s the first thing that you do when tackling a new creative project? For many designers, it’s selecting typefaces that work well together. You can create side-by-side font samples without flipping back and forth between your design application and font manager.

Prototyping Projects

It’s critical to understand how fonts will look in your project. Building an effective example at one time meant creating a sample file in your design application then flipping back and forth with your font manager to activate fonts that might be up to the task.

QuickComp makes it easy to create sample prototypes that give visibility to font use in various design types. With sample files that cover the most common jobs, it’s easy to select fonts that work well together in your headlines, body copy, captions, and more.

Designing a magazine spread, newspaper layout or poster? Select fonts for your project without the extra effort of opening Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator®, Photoshop® or QuarkXPress® to mock-up samples.

Printing Font Proofs

Sometimes all you need is to show them how it looks. With QuickComp you can find fonts that work for your project, save them as a set for future use, or print out a sample proof to share.

The QuickComp font proofs can be saved as a PDF or hard copy and include detailed font selection information in addition to the sample prototype. This makes it easy for everyone in the approval process to see how font selections will affect the final product.

Remove the complexity of font selection, pairing and prototyping with QuickComp.