Download UTS Enterprise -

Thank you for downloading Universal Type Server

Whether you have just purchased, or are just starting a trial of Universal Type Server®, we appreciate your business.

To get up and running quickly, please review the Universal Type Server Administration Quick Start Guide.

For upgrade instructions, please review the Server Administration Guide.

The serial numbers you receive via email is used to serialize the Server software to allow clients to connect, and enable Enterprise functionality. Enter your Server serial number first, followed by the Enterprise serial number. The client software does noes not need a serial number and can be installed on as many computers as required.

Use the default username and password to login to the Server.

  1. http://yourserverIPaddress:18081
  2. Username: administrator
  3. Password: password


Create new users.

Note: The client does not require serialization.

For more detailed instructions, including how to use all of the powerful features in Universal Type Server, please read the user manuals found on the Product Support page.

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