Getting Started with Suitcase TeamSync -

Getting Started With Suitcase TeamSync

A step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Suitcase TeamSync

Getting Started

STEP 1. Login to the TeamSync Admin panel

This can be found at

Login to the TeamSync Administration with your Extensis account username and password.

Step 2. Add your users to Suitcase TeamSync

Everyone who is using TeamSync will need a separate account. TeamSync creates accounts based on email addresses, and will automatically create Extensis accounts if your users don’t have one.

Step 3. Create a shared library & add users to the library

Step 4. Install Suitcase Fusion on your users' computers

Review the Getting Started with Suitcase Fusion page for help getting Suitcase Fusion up and running.

If you just want the Suitcase Fusion installers, download them from the Suitcase Fusion support page.

Using Suitcase Fusion, add fonts to your shared library by dragging and dropping any font, folder of fonts, or even a directory from the OS X Finder or Windows Explorer onto the library. For help learning to use Suitcase Fusion, see the Getting Started Guide.

When the upload is complete, all users can choose File > Synchronize Fonts to download fonts from the cloud. By default, fonts in shared libraries are automatically synchronized every 5 minutes.