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What is Font Auto-Activation?

Auto-activation offers you the ability to automatically activate or "turn on" the exact versions of fonts used in a document when that document is opened. With auto-activation, there's no need to manually search for, find and activate or deactivate fonts.

The difference between auto-activation in font managers

Basic font managers – like Apple’s Font Book™ — can be adequate if you work with a very limited number of fonts infrequently. If you work with professional design tools you need a professional font manager. Whether you use Adobe® Creative Cloud™ applications such as Illustrator®, InDesign®, Photoshop®, InCopy® After Effects® or QuarkXPress®, you're sure to save time by using a professional font manager.

Suitcase Fusion™, Suitcase TeamSync™, and Universal Type Server® give a professional level of precision through the use of plug-ins and background applications, providing enhanced control that a basic font manager can't.


The Font Sense™ technology built into Suitcase Fusion and the Universal Type Client provides precise font identification. This patented technology fingerprints each font as it is added to the collection. When a font is used in a document, the auto-activation plug-ins record Font Sense data in the document, so the next time the document is opened, the precise fonts necessary for that document are activated.

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Plug-In Support For Adobe and Quark

Seamlessly auto-activate your fonts in Adobe Creative Cloud applications including InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as QuarkXPress on Windows or macOS.

Adobe Creative Cloud application support includes:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • InCopy
  • After Effects

QuarkXPress is also supported with font auto-activation plug-ins.

See this page for a complete list of supported applications.

Plug-in Based Auto-Activation

Auto-Activation plug-ins and XTensions for Adobe and Quark® applications provide advanced activation features to ensure that the exact fonts used in a document are activated.

Plug-ins also provide font family-level activation and deactivation as well as the ability to pick the best match when the identical font cannot be located. Plug-in based auto-activation continues to work even if the font management application is closed.

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