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Brand Style Guide Resources

Creating a comprehensive brand style guide.

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Branding Resources

Are you struggling with your branding?

Whether you're rebranding or just starting with your brand strategy, you know that maintaining a consistent presence online, in print, video, and product packaging can be a challenge at best.

Known by many monikers – Brand Book, Brand Guide, Brand Style Guide, Brand Bible, Brand Strategy, etc. – a brand style guide gives the comprehensive guidance that your team needs.

In partnership with consultant, trainer, speaker, and author Pariah Burke we created the resources below to get started.

Effective font management and digital asset management are a critical parts in the management of any brand. Let us know if you'd like to have an individual consultation about your needs.

Watch the Brand Style Guide Video
In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Define logo usage
  • Establish consistent brand colors across media
  • Define your brand's typography
  • Integrate photography and video into your brand
  • Build a comprehensive brand style guide for your team, and more!

Download the Branding Resources
Take all the good stuff with you.

This package includes:

PDF guide to delves into the specific steps and considerations of any brand style guide.
An InDesign template to give you a jumpstart creating your own guide.
Drop us your details and we'll get you all of the resources.

Download the branding resources